Why Did New York Workers Lose Ground in the 1990s?

November 25, 2002. FPI Senior Economist Moshe Adler refutes the assertion that the increase in poverty and the decrease in median family income in New York City during the 1990s were due to immigration.  Regional Labor Review, Fall 2002. Study >>

The NYS and NYC Budgets

November 25, 2002. New from FPI: the New York City 2003-2004 budget outlook, based on Mayor Bloomberg’s November 14, 2002, Financial Plan Update. Briefing materials on the state budget:

  • New York State’s 2003-2004 Budget Outlook – a budget alert originally released October 19 and a presentation released September 26,
  • Listing of new tax cuts taking effect in 2002, 2003 and thereafter.
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