President Bush’s Budget and New York

February 2007.  A document from the White House gives some detail. Read >>.

2007-08 Executive Budget Tackles Corporate Tax Loopholes

February 28, 2007. Short summaries of the corporate tax reform measures recommended by Governor Eliot Spitzer as part of his first Executive Budget.

Testimony on the 2007-2008 Executive Budget

February 28, 2007. Testimony presented by FPI Executive Director Frank Mauro to the Senate Finance and Assembly Ways and Means Committees.

First Things First: The President’s Budget Makes the Wrong Choices for New York

February 21, 2007. An analysis of the impact of the President’s 2008 proposed budget on New York, released in collaboration with Citizen Action of New York, the Coalition for Human Needs and the Emergency Campaign for America’s Priorities. Press release including summary table, full report.

The Administration Again Proposes to Shift Federal Medicaid Costs to States

February 14, 2007.  The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities explains what’s at stake.

More Than a Link in the Food Chain: A Study of the Citywide Economic Impact of Food Manufacturing in New York City

February 13, 2007.  In an effort to understand the impact of food manufacturing on other sectors in the NYC economy, the Mayor’s Office of Industrial and Manufacturing Businesses commissioned the New York Industrial Retention Network (NYIRN) to study the sector; NYIRN enlisted FPI to conduct the formal economic impact analysis. Report >>

President Calls for Deep Cuts in a Wide Range of Domestic Programs

February 8, 2007.  The cuts would start in 2008 and grow deeper over time. Details given in this report from the
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

The President’s 2007-2008 Budget: What It Means to New Yorkers

February 7, 2007. The budget released on February 5 by President Bush pays for massive tax cuts for the rich by cutting services and programs for the poor. The President’s proposals balance the federal budget only on paper, and make it harder for New York to balance its budget. Report >>.

Distributional Analysis of the Proposed Standard Deduction for Health Insurance

February 7, 2007. The Tax Policy Center has put together detailed tables showing the various changes by income class and income percentile.

Balancing New York State’s 2007-2008 Budget in an Economically Sensible Manner

February 7, 2007. Governor Eliot Spitzer’s first executive budget is the focus of FPI’s seventeenth annual budget briefing: a discussion of economic and fiscal context for the budget, and an analysis of the extent to which the budget helps the state’s regions grow together and strengthens and expands the middle class. Briefing book on the 2007-2008 executive budget  >>

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