Immigrants are the powerhouse that makes New York City work

October 5, 2011. An editorial from the New York Daily News.

File this under Things You Probably Could Have Guessed After Just Looking Around: A new study confirms that immigrants are the very economic backbone of New York.

Opinion: Immigrants Are the Lifeblood of New York City – Nearly half of New York City’s small businesses are owned by immigrants

October 5, 2011. Gabe Pressman, NBC News. Read the article.

Immigrants Make up Half of All Small Business Owners in NYC

October 3, 2011. New numbers from FPI’s Immigration Research Institute show that immigrants make up almost half of all small business owners in New York City. And, immigrants in the labor force are somewhat more likely than U.S.-born workers to own small businesses. Immigrant small business owners are an extremely diverse group, with no single country of origin dominating; in fact, the top ten groups together still make up just 45 percent of the total number of immigrant small business owners. The businesses immigrants own range across all sectors of the economy. Press release >> and report >>

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