30th Annual People’s State of the State

January 8, 2019. The annual “People’s State of the State” address from the Capitol steps on Tuesday rehashed many liberal principles from the past 30 years, but now the grassroots activists are feeling emboldened by the new makeup of the state Legislature.

In advance of the new legislative session kicking off on Wednesday, a coalition of progressive organizations and labor unions voiced their continued support for action on criminal justice reform, expansion of voting rights, state investments in … (read more)

Press Release: 30th Annual Peoples State of the State

For Immediate Release: January 8, 2019

Media Contact: Susan Zimet, Hunger Action Network of NYS, 845-527-5309 susanzimet@gmail.com Ron Deutsch, Fiscal Policy Institute, 518-469-6769 deutsch@fiscalpolicy.org

30th Peoples State of the State The New Hope Budget New Politics, New Action, New Budget

(Albany, NY) Today’s Peoples State of the State address marks the 30th year that advocates from across New York State joined together for what has become the long standing “unofficial” kickoff of the legislative session in Albany. However, … (read more)

A Holiday Gift? Driver’s Licenses For All?

December 23, 2018. This article discusses the benefits of reinstating access to driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants in New York State. Granting access to driver’s licenses would ensure that more motorists have proven basic competency through written and practical exams, and also would allow crime victims to feel more confident in reporting crime and interacting with the criminal justice system.

According to Fiscal Policy Institute, state and county governments would receive an estimated $57 million in combined annual revenue and … (read more)

Cuomo’s Third Term: Socially Liberal, Fiscally Conservative?

December 20, 2018. This article discusses the beginning of Governor Cuomo’s third term and his potential progressive agenda. The Governor laid out his agenda during a press conference a few days ago where he stated that he would use former President and former New York Governor, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, as a model for his priorities. He proposed numerous agenda items like implementing the DREAM Act, which allows children of undocumented immigrants to receive college aid, and the legalization of recreational … (read more)

Press Release: Statewide Coalition Urges State Leaders to Adopt New Hope Budget for All of New York

For Immediate Release:

December 18, 2018

Media Contacts:

Peter Cook, Executive Director, New York State Council of Churches – 508.380.8289 Ron Deutsch, Executive Director, FPI – 518.469.6769 Michael Kink, Executive Director, Strong Economy for All Coalition 518.527.2787

Statewide Coalition Urges State Leaders to Adopt New Hope Budget for All of New York 

The New Hope Budget

Albany, NY –   Representatives from organizations across the state unveiled a set of principles which address the cries of far … (read more)

As The Public Comment Period Ends, Advocacy Groups Mount One Last Push Against Trump’s Public Charge Rule

December 10, 2018. On Monday, multiple national advocacy organizations reiterated their opposition to the Trump administrations’s proposed “public charge” rule, which would make it harder for immigrants who receive public services to acquire green cards or become citizens. With Monday marking the final day for the public to comment on the proposed regulation changes, leaders from groups like National Immigration Law Center, Planned Parenthood, and the UndocuBlack Network convened to encourage one last push against the rule.

A report from … (read more)

A Closer Look at the Tax Incentives in the Amazon Deal

November 29, 2018. This article discusses further Amazon’s decision to put a corporate campus in Long Island City/Queens after a public year-long search and the subsequent skepticism and outrage that followed the decision. Many activists and elected officials oppose the process by which Amazon got its $3 billion deal, feeling that despite the strong overall city economy with low unemployment, it will undoubtedly impact affordable housing, public housing, and the current transportation crisis. The Fiscal Policy Institute and other advocates … (read more)

Lawmakers React to Cuomo’s Amazon Deal

November 15, 2018. Last week, Governor Andrew Cuomo continued to defend the multi-billion dollar deal, funded by New York taxpayers, to have Amazon bring 25,000 jobs to Long Island City in Queens. While many are receptive to Amazon coming to New York, there are plenty of folks concerned with the deal.

“I think all economic development programs and the corruption surrounding them have united the left and the right on this very issue because we all know this a waste … (read more)

Breaking Down the State’s Deal With Amazon

November 15, 2018. In continuation with the lukewarm reception of Amazon’s plan to relocate their HQ to New York City, multiple government watchdogs and economic development experts weigh in on whether the decision will give the expected results. New York City beat out dozens of other cities, some that offered incentive packages even more lucrative than the one on the table here. Many city residents and elected officials aren’t convinced that the multi-billion dollar offer is worth it, and that … (read more)

Op-Ed: Protect Veterans’ Access to SNAP

November 9, 2018

Veterans Day reminds us of our duty to support Americans who have served our nation in uniform.

It’s an opportunity to reflect on the sacrifices they’ve made and to re-examine the ways we can help them when they return home and re-enter civilian life. As we support them, we can certainly all agree that no veteran should go hungry.

Unfortunately, for too many veterans in New York and across the country, hunger remains a serious concern. That’s … (read more)