What These States Learned about Wooing Companies with Big Tax Breaks

February 15, 2018. As Amazon nears a decision on the location for its second headquarters, it’s weighing a number of factors about each city: access to transit systems, the size and makeup of the local workforce, available real estate and tax breaks.

Among the offers that have become public: Newark, New Jersey, has floated $7 billion in incentives. Chicago would reportedly kick in at least $2 billion. And Maryland has put more than $5 billion on the table for its … (read more)

Trump’s $1.5 Trillion Infrastructure Plan Kicks Most of Cost Burdens to States, Cities

February 14, 2018. President Trump outlined his long-promised and long-awaited infrastructure plan Monday.  Billed as a $1.5 trillion plan, it only includes $200 billion in federal money, leaving state and local governments largely on the hook for the rest of the money.

The plan says the $200 billion in federal money — which would come from cuts made elsewhere — will spur as much as $1.5 trillion to $1.7 trillion in development over the next 10 years. President Trump … (read more)

Join us for FPI’s FY 2019 Budget Briefing on February 13th

On Tuesday morning, February 13, 2018, the Fiscal Policy Institute will present its 28th annual budget briefing in Meeting Room 7 of the Empire State Plaza Convention Center. A complimentary breakfast and check-in will begin at 8:30 a.m. Our presentation begins at 9:00 a.m. and ends at 10:15 a.m. We hope that you and/or your colleagues will be able to join us for what we are confident will be a useful and informative session. You can RSVP online here(read more)

Continuing New York’s Legacy of Providing Health Care Coverage to Immigrants

February 9, 2018. New York State has a long and proud history of trailblazing innovative policies that expand access to healthcare coverage to all its residents. From developing and establishing the nation’s first comprehensive health insurance program for children to the launch of the New York State of Health Marketplace under the Affordable Care Act, New York has often been a national leader in expanding access to quality affordable health coverage.

In the midst of federal attacks against immigrants, Governor … (read more)

NY May Scrap its Income Tax for a Payroll Tax

January 9, 2018. According to this article, New York may end its income tax and instead expand its payroll tax as a way to outmaneuver the new federal law that limits deductions for state and local taxes. Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday during his State of the State address that he is exploring how to make the complicated switch, joining other high-tax states in considering how to protect residents’ tax deductions and state revenue. California and New Jersey leaders have … (read more)