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Over $1 Billion in TANF Block Grant Funds Trapped in Budget Limbo

May 3, 2006. Groups call upon the Governor to adopt the legislature’s bi-partisan agreement on use of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families funds. Joint release from New Yorkers for Fiscal Fairness, the Fiscal Policy Institute, the Hunger Action Network of New York State and the Empire Justice Center:

Advocates for Low-Income New Yorkers held a press conference today at the Legislative Office Building to urge Governor Pataki to stop playing politics with over $1 billion in federal Temporary Assistance to … (read more)

The Impact of Federal TANF Reauthorization in New York

March 2, 2006. This report is based on testimony presented by FPI Senior Economist Trudi Renwick to the Assembly Standing Committee on Social Services.… (read more)

The Implementation and Effectiveness of New York’s Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

February 1, 2006. Testimony presented before the Assembly Standing Committees on Energy, Social Services and Aging joint hearing.… (read more)

Balancing New York State’s 2006-2007 Budget in an Economically Sensible Manner

January 31, 2006. The Fiscal Policy Institute’s analysis of Governor George E. Pataki’s Executive Budget and alternative approaches to balancing New York State’s 2006-2007 budget. (See pages 28, 29 and 42 through 57 for analysis of school funding issues.) Briefing book on the 2006-2007 executive budget >>(read more)

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Spending in New York

December 27, 2005. This report, by FPI Senior Economist Trudi Renwick, reviews the evolution, over the past nine years, of New York State’s use of its federal TANF block grant funds and the related “Maintenance of Effort” (MOE) resources. It also presents a preliminary review of the implementation, by social services districts across the state, of the Flexible Fund for Family Services (FFFS), New York’s new state-to-local block grant.… (read more)

Fair Taxes: The Key to Better Schools

Fall 2005. A training curriculum prepared by the Public Policy and Education Fund of New York and the Fiscal Policy Institute.… (read more)

The Effect of Welfare Reform in NYS

September 21, 2005. Testimony by Trudi Renwick, FPI senior economist, before the NYS Assembly Committee on Social Services.… (read more)

New National Report Offers Sobering Look at Trends in New York’s Early Childhood Education Workforce

September 15, 2005. This issue of Fiscal Policy Note$ takes a look at a comprehensive new report, Losing Ground in Early Childhood Education, from the Economic Policy Institute, the Keystone Research Center, and the Foundation for Child Development. Among the findings: qualifications decline among early childhood education workers with less one fourth now having college degrees. Since the early 1980s, there has been a large and unsettling dip in the qualifications of the early childhood education workers in New … (read more)

The Future of Social Security: Where are We Going?

June 12, 2005. A presentation given by FPI Senior Economist Trudi Renwick at a Rockland County Community College forum.… (read more)

Funding a Sound Basic Education for All New York’s Children

June 2005. This issue brief is an updated and condensed version of FPI’s original January 1999 report on this subject. The update is based on: the Campaign for Fiscal Equity’s Schools for New York’s Future Act, FPI’s analysis of the fiscal implications of that proposal, and the Institute for Taxation and Economic Policy’s April 2005 report, Achieving Adequacy: Tax Options for New York in the Wake of the CFE Case. Read the brief >>(read more)