Congressmen must explain cuts in critical programs

August 8, 2007. An op ed by FPI’s senior economist, Trudi Renwick, together with Bob Cohen of Citizens Action. Buffalo News.(read more)

Poor’s nutritional needs not being met

June 7, 2007. This op ed by Trudi Renwick appeared in several editions of Spotlight News, a capital area weekly.… (read more)

Stretched Too Thin: Food Stamp Benefits in New York State

May 16, 2007. Religious and civic leaders pledge to try the “Food Stamp Diet” – and eat on $3.50 a day – as FPI releases a new report. Bishop Howard J. Hubbard of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany, Rev. Paul D. Rees-Rohrbacher of St. John’s Lutheran Church in Albany, Ed Bloch of the Interfaith Alliance of New York State, Lynda Schuyler of Food Pantries for the Capital District and Linda Bopp of the Nutrition Consortium of New York … (read more)

Many in county use food stamps

May 13, 2007. An op ed by Trudi Renwick. Saratoga Springs Saratogian.(read more)

Expand, don’t restrict, health insurance for kids

May 8, 2007. A letter to the editor by Frank Mauro. Schenectady Daily Gazette.(read more)

Food Stamp Challenge: Live on a Food Stamp Budget for a Day

May 10, 2007. As Congress prepares to reauthorize the Farm Bill that includes the Food Stamp program, America’s first line of defense against hunger and food insecurity, walk in the shoes of the less fortunate. Try the “Food Stamp Diet” and pledge to live on the food stamp budget ($1.16 per person per meal) for a day. Pledge and background information >>(read more)

Pre-K Investment Yields Bonuses for Children, Families, Communities and State and Federal Government

May 3, 2007. A new study from the Economic Policy Institute, Enriching Children, Enriching the Nation, was co-released in New York by FPI and Winning Beginning New York. The question asked is whether pre-K pays for itself – and the answer is remarkable. Pre-K pays for itself not once, not twice, but 12 times over! New York press release >>(read more)

Testimony on the 2007-2008 Executive Budget – Human Services

March 1, 2007. Testimony presented by FPI Senior Economist Trudi Renwick.… (read more)

How to insure the uninsured

January 29, 2007. An op ed by David Dyssegaard Kallick. Crains.(read more)

Like hospitals, insurance system is also in crisis

January 29, 2007. An op ed by David Dyssegaard Kallick. Buffalo News.(read more)