New York State and its major regions

FPI’s Immigration Research Initiative examines the role of immigrants in the New York State economy and beyond. The initiative is guided by an expert advisory panel and is directed by David Dyssegaard Kallick, FPI Senior Fellow.

The Changing Profile of Long Island’s Economy: How U.S.-born workers have fared as immigration has grown

November 17, 2010. This report shows the big overall immigrant contribution to Long Island’s economy, stressing the diversity of immigrant jobs, but also looking at whether immigrants are displacing U.S.-born workers or lowering wages. For nearly all Long Island residents the answer is no. However, there is reason for concern about African American men with a high school diploma or less. They seem to be losing ground (higher unemployment rates) as immigrant share of the labor force increases. This issue … (read more)

New York City Immigrants in the Great Recession

August 2, 2010. How are immigrants faring in the economic downturn? Data released by FPI shows that immigrants, who make up nearly half of the New York City labor force, have an unemployment rate that is slightly lower than for U.S.-born workers. First, immigration is sensitive to labor market demand, so when there are fewer jobs, immigration slows. Second, lacking a safety net, immigrants are more likely to work at whatever jobs they can get. U.S.-born workers may have the … (read more)

Immigrants in New York City: Economic Profile by Country of Origin

January 21, 2010. Data citywide as well as specific to countries of origin (in order of population impact): Dominican Republic, Mexico, India, China, Jamaica, Ecuador, Colombia, Guyana and British Guiana, Philippines, Haiti, El Salvador, Korea, Trinidad and Tobago, Poland, Peru, Italy, Russia and other USSR, Ukraine, Pakistan, Cuba, Bangladesh, and Hong Kong.… (read more)

New York’s Regional Economies: The Hudson Valley

December 13, 2009. Press release, report.… (read more)

New York’s Regional Economies: Long Island

December 8, 2009. Press release, report.… (read more)

Immigration Facts for Binghamton, New York

April 3, 2009. The most recent data available from the Census Bureau show that eight percent of Binghamton residents are foreign-born. Of immigrants living in Binghamton, 44 percent are white, 11 percent are black, 32 percent are Asian. In addition, 11 percent are Hispanic (can be of any race). Fact sheet prepared by FPI’s Immigration Research Initiative.… (read more)

They’re a part of the Island: Immigrants pay taxes and otherwise contribute to our community

November 20, 2008. A column by FPI senior fellow David Dyssegaard Kallick, Newsday.… (read more)

New Jersey town offers immigration insights

April 21, 2008.  A column by FPI senior fellow David Dyssegaard Kallick, Newsday.… (read more)

Immigrants boosting N.Y. middle class

December 19, 2007. A column by FPI senior fellow David Dyssegaard Kallick, Metro New York.(read more)

Working for a Better Life – A Profile of Immigrants in the New York State Economy

November 26, 2007. What role do immigrants play in the New York State economy? How about in upstate New York? In the downstate suburbs? In New York City? What countries do immigrants come from? Where do they work? How well are they doing?

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