Economic development policies

Also see the work of Good Jobs New York, a joint project of the Fiscal Policy Institute and Good Jobs First.

Paying good wages shields taxpayers from waste

February 14, 2008. A column about IDA reform by FPI executive director Frank Mauro and Micaela Shapiro-Shellaby of the Coalition for Economic Justice, Buffalo News.… (read more)

Getting bang for our buck: Economic development in New York State

February 11, 2008. Despite the billions currently spent on economic development, we have relatively little to show for it. The appropriate guiding principle is building the middle class – thus increasing the already impressive productivity of New York workers. Logical next steps include scrapping Empire Zones, reforming IDAs and more. Brief >>(read more)

Testimony on the 2008-2009 Executive Budget – Economic Development and Taxes

February 11, 2008. Testimony submitted by FPI executive director Frank Mauro to the Senate Finance and Assembly Ways and Means committees. Given the many signs that we are in a recession, state leaders must be especially careful about the way they close the state budget gap. Some gap-closing strategies could actually exacerbate the downturn.… (read more)

What to Know Before Analyzing the State Budget

January 20, 2008. This brief provides information about the state’s economy, its finances, and three policy issues (property taxes, economic development and economic security) that are sure to receive significant attention during this year’s budget debates. It also touches on the federal stimulus package now being debated in Washington, and how that package may help or hurt in the balancing of the state budget.… (read more)

FPI Comments on NYSERDA’s Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) Rulemaking

December 24, 2007.  FPI comments urging NYSERDA to amend the proposed rule to include low-income protection as an explicitly mandated purpose for the proceeds of the auction of the RGGI allowances and to add at least one low-income advocate to the list of stakeholders to be included in the advisory group to oversee the expenditures of the auction proceeds.… (read more)

Testimony on economic development in New York State

December 18, 2007. Submitted by FPI’s chief economist James Parrott to the New York State Division of the Budget. New York’s trillion dollar economy has the potential to be a dynamic economy that rewards all New Yorkers, but challenges abound, including volatility on Wall Street. And there is little to show for the billions of dollars spent on economic development in 2007 by state and local governments. New York needs a new approach that is strategic, diverse, coordinated and accountable. … (read more)

New York’s Empire Zone Program

September 27, 2007. A presention given by FPI senior economist Trudi Renwick as part of “Who Benefits? State and Local Subsidy Reform,” a panel discussion at a conference sponsored in Buffalo by Cornell’s ILR School and others, “The High Road Runs Through the City: Advocating for Economic Justice at the Local Level.”… (read more)

Testimony on New York State’s Brownfields Cleanup and Opportunity Area Programs

September 25, 2007. Testimony submitted by FPI Executive Director Frank Mauro to the Senate and Assembly Committees on Environmental Conservation.… (read more)

Groups Call for Reform of Business Subsidy Programs

July 11, 2007. FPI teamed up with New Yorkers for Fiscal Fairness, Environmental Advocates, NYPIRG and the Sierra Club to call attention to the taxpayer funds being poured into Empire Zones, the Brownfield Cleanup Program, and industrial development agencies – business subsidy programs that lack basic accountability measures and anti-sprawl provisions. Group press release >>(read more)

Statewide Coalition Joins Assemblyman Brodsky to Call for an Immediate Moratorium on the Empire Zone Program

June 7, 2007. At a press conference focused on reforms of the Empire Zone program, FPI executive director Frank Mauro spoke about the differential tax treatment that is fostered by the program as currently structured. Group press release >>(read more)