Economic development policies

Also see the work of Good Jobs New York, a joint project of the Fiscal Policy Institute and Good Jobs First.

West Side pyramid scheme

January 19, 2005. An op ed in the New York Daily News by James Parrott, FPI Chief Economist, on the financing of far West Side development. Read >>(read more)

Testimony on Industrial Development Agencies

January 18, 2005. Testimony by Frank J. Mauro, Executive Director, Fiscal Policy Institute, to the NYS Assembly Standing Committee on Local Governments, Public Hearing on Industrial Development Agencies.

Good Morning. We greatly appreciate being invited to appear before your committee to discuss the role and operations of Industrial Development Agencies in New York State.

The Fiscal Policy Institute (FPI) has been interested in this subject since its inception in early 1991. In October of the following year (1992), FPI published … (read more)

Proposed Financing for the New York Sports and Convention Center

January 18, 2005. Testimony submitted to the Empire State Development Corporation. Testimony >>(read more)

Proposed Financing for the Hudson Yards Project East of 11th Avenue

December 15, 2004. Testimony before the NYC Council Committee on Finance. Testimony >>(read more)

Testimony before the Board of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority

September 29, 2004. David Dyssegaard Kallick and Lava Thimmayya spoke at a meeting of the board of the MTA.

David Dyssegaard Kallick Senior Fellow, Fiscal Policy Institute and Coordinator, Labor Community Advocacy Network to Rebuild New York (LCAN)

Thank you for the opportunity to testify today. My name is David Dyssegaard Kallick, and I am senior fellow of the Fiscal Policy Institute. I am also coordinator of the Labor Community Advocacy Network to Rebuild New York (LCAN), a coalition that … (read more)

How Will the Proposed West Side Stadium Complex Impact Our City?

June 3, 2004. Testimony before the NYC Council Economic Development Committee. Testimony >>(read more)

Testimony on Empire Zones Program Reform

April 26, 2004. Testimony presented by Frank Mauro before the New York State Assembly Committees on Ways and Means; Economic Development, Job Creation, Commerce and Industry; Corporations, Authorities and Commissions; and Labor.… (read more)

Rethinking Growth Strategies: How State and Local Taxes and Services Affect Economic Development

March 19, 2004. A new book by Robert G. Lynch from by the Economic Policy Institute. Lynch is Chair of the Economics Department at Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland, and former chair of the Economics Department at SUNY Cortland.

Executive Summary

Creating jobs and growing the economy are top priorities for state and local officials. Their tools of choice to achieve these goals may, however, be the least effective among those available to them. Too often public officeholders first embrace … (read more)

Revitalizing the Cities of Upstate New York

October 29, 2003. Testimony presented by Lava Thimmayya to the Assembly Standing Committee on Cities, Public Hearing on The Tools Necessary to Revitalize the Cities of New York.… (read more)

Revitalize New York By Putting People to Work: A Jobs-Based Strategy for Economic Diversification and High-Road Growth

July 11, 2003. A comprehensive proposal for economic revitalization in New York City after the September 11, 2001, attacks. Published by LCAN, the Labor Community Advocacy Network to Rebuild New York, a network of 40 organizations convened by the Fiscal Policy Institute and the Central Labor Council, and coordinated by FPI senior fellow David Dyssegaard Kallick.… (read more)