Minimum wage and living wage

New York Workers Who Would Benefit from an Increase in the NYS Minimum Wage to $7.15 per Hour

November 18, 2004. New analysis from FPI: county by county estimates.… (read more)

New York Women Who Would Benefit from An Increase in the NYS Minimum Wage to $7.15 per Hour

November 12, 2004. More than 700,000 across the state. By County >>(read more)

Setting the Record Straight: An Increase in New York’s Minimum Wage Will Help Those Who Need It

July 19, 2004. FPI has released three reports on this subject this year including estimates of the number of workers who would benefit from an increase for each of New York’s 62 counties. Recently, some critics have charged that an increase will fail to achieve the goal of alleviating poverty among the working poor. This issue of Fiscal Policy is being released to set the record straight. Report.… (read more)

State Minimum Wages and Employment in Small Businesses

April 21, 2004. This report examines the effects of minimum wages on employment and payrolls in small businesses. The analysis makes several comparisons between states with a higher minimum wage than the federal $5.15 minimum and all other states (i.e., those states where the $5.15 federal minimum prevails). Particular attention is paid to the retail sector, since that is the industry employing the most workers at low wages. Highlights below. Full report.

The last time the federal minimum wage … (read more)

Immigrant Workers and the Minimum Wage in New York City

March 25, 2004. Prepared by the Fiscal Policy Institute for the New York Immigration Coalition.  Includes detailed tables on the immigrant workforce in New York City. Read the report. (read more)

Raising the Minimum Wage in New York: Helping Working Families and Improving the State’s Economy

January 11, 2004. A comprehensive introduction to the issues surrounding the debate over increasing New York State’s minimum wage. Press release and report.… (read more)

Testimony at the Legislature’s Joint Budget Hearing on Human Services

March 3, 2003. Includes updated tables on TANF block grant spending, minimum wage workers, disposable income of New York SSI recipients, and each county’s public assistance shelter allowance as a percent of its Fair Market Rent. Testimony >>(read more)

An Overview of Living Wage Ordinance Initiatives

October 25, 2002. FPI Senior Economist Trudi Renwick gave this presentation at A Living Wage? Perspectives on the effect of minimum wage increases on community economic development, a forum sponsored by Dutchess County Outreach, the Eleanor Roosevelt Center at Val-kill, and Vassar College.… (read more)

Minimum Wage Update

June 26, 2002. The purchasing power of the current $5.15 per hour minimum wage is well below that of the 1960s and 1970s. From its peak in 1968, the purchasing power of the minimum wage has declined over 36 percent. Graphs.… (read more)

Economists’ Statement on the Minimum Wage

June 8, 2001. The pdf version of this letter, which was sent to state senators, includes the list of signers.

We 80+ economists from throughout New York support an increase in the state minimum wage to $6.75 an hour. The Assembly has already passed a bill to this effect, and we urge you to join in this bipartisan effort to make work pay in New York State.

Increasing the minimum wage to $6.75 in 2002 and tying further increases to … (read more)