New York City economy

New York City: Economic and Budget Challenges

May 20, 2010. While Wall Street may have recovered, the average New York worker is still mired in the Great Recession. New York like most states has severe budget problems and not enough Federal aid; moreover, state and local government budget cuts will harm the local economy and slow the national recovery. In this context, the Mayor’s NYC budget proposal punishes workers and the poor but does not ask the well-off or Wall Street to share the burden. This presentation … (read more)

Is the recession over in New York?

May 10, 2010. Despite the fact that job numbers are up, unemployment is down, and gross domestic product has increased for three quarters – by the measures that matter, this recession has been worse for New York workers. Wages fell more sharply in this recession than in the two previous. Joblessness has more than doubled. At this point, 400,000 jobs are needed to return NYC unemployment to pre-recession levels. Also see Severe Recession Hangs on in Much of the City(read more)

The Impact of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act on New York City

March 1, 2010. Testimony presented by James Parrott before the New York City Council General Welfare Committee. Testimony >>(read more)

New York’s Unemployment Crisis

March 10, 2010.  An update from the Fiscal Policy Institute: In January 2010,  852,000 New Yorkers were unemployed, including 413,000 New York City residents. This fact sheet includes data on New York unemployment rates and payroll job losses, including FPI estimates of unemployment by gender, race, and ethnicity, and long-term unemployment.… (read more)

Briefing on Mayor Bloomberg’s Preliminary FY 2011 New York City Budget

February 9, 2010. Despite Wall Street’s rebound, unemployment and hardship are extremely high for most New Yorkers; at best, recovery will be very gradual. This briefing finds that the Mayor’s proposed budget cuts and the state budget-related contingency cuts will worsen unemployment and hardship. To mitigate the harmful impact of the budget, increased federal fiscal aid is the highest priority, followed by progressive income tax increases – less harmful than budget cuts. Briefing >>(read more)

Analyzing the Economy of a Large, Urban County: The Case of Kings County, New York

January 2010. An article by James Parrott that shows available data (in this case, for Brooklyn – Kings County) can be used to estimate the economic impact of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) at the county level. Published in The Journal of County Administration, Parrott’s article begins on page 3 of the issue; see also an introduction by the president of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce (p. 1) and an editorial touting such research (p. 10).… (read more)

New York City in the Great Recession: Divergent Fates by Neighborhood and Race and Ethnicity

December 21, 2009. Current unemployment rates at a neighborhood level for New York City, and estimates of the unemployment rate by race/ethnicity and gender: the numbers show huge variations from neighborhood to neighborhood and also within neighborhoods. For example, while the overall unemployment rate in New York City was 10.1 percent in the third quarter of 2009, unemployment was 5.1 percent on Manhattan’s Upper East and West Sides in the third quarter, compared to 15.7 percent in the South and … (read more)

A Tale of Two Recessions: The State of Working New York City, 2009

November 19, 2009. While Wall Street recovers, New York City’s Main Street economy remains mired in the “Great Recession.” This report from FPI is an examination of the impact of the country’s “Great Recession” on the New York City economy. The data show the shallowness of the previous expansion from 2003 to 2007 before the onset of the Great Recession, and recession-related job losses and rising economic insecurities. The report also explores in detail the character and extent of unemployment … (read more)

An Innovator Takes a Fairly Conventional Approach

October 26, 2009. An article by James Parrott, FPI’s deputy director and chief economist, who writes regularly for Gotham Gazette’s Economy section. Article (read more)

Brooklyn Labor Market Review – Fall 2009

September 24, 2009. Commissioned by the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, this review finds that the devastating blow dealt to New York City by the current recession has been less painful to Brooklyn. American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) dollars are having an impact in the borough, and Brooklyn has experienced job growth in some sectors in spite of losses citywide. Read the report >>(read more)