Tax & Budget

Federal Grants to States and Localities Cut Deeply in Fiscal Year 2008 Federal Budget

February 6, 2007. Iris Lav at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities explains the impact.… (read more)

State needs to address the upstate tax burden

January 25, 2007. An op ed by James Parrott. Albany Times Union.(read more)

The Fiscal Impact of House 100 Hours Agenda

January 23, 2007.  The combined fiscal impact of the six “100 hours” bills (which implement 9/11 Commission recommendations, close energy tax loopholes and more) is significant: the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has estimated $21.1 billion in savings and revenue over the next ten years if the bills are signed into law. OMB Watch breaks it down by bill.… (read more)

How to Reduce the Pressure on the Property Tax and Ease the Fiscal Burden on Struggling Local Governments

January 10, 2007. The four-part plan supported by FPI: implement a statewide solution to CFE; increase state’s share of Medicaid and base counties’ shares on ability to pay; restore commitment to revenue sharing; and eliminate the significant disparities in the STAR program. Prepared for the Center on Governmental Research conference on reforming property taxes in New York.… (read more)

State Policies and Their Impact on Local Property Tax Rates, with a Critique of the STAR Program

July 7, 2006. An excerpt from FPI’s 2006-2007 budget briefing book. Read the brief >>(read more)

99 Percent of New Yorkers Lose Under Bush “Tax and Borrow” Fiscal Policies

June 28, 2006. FPI’s release of a new report by Citizens for Tax Justice with state-specific data.… (read more)

Sorting Estate Tax Fact From Fiction

June 5, 2006.  New data from the IRS shows that only 1.6% of New York estates (and only 1.2% of all estates nationally) were subject to taxation in 2004. Press release including a fact sheet from Citizens for Tax Justice.… (read more)

$90 million in TANF Funds Trapped in Budget Limbo

May 24, 2006. Advocates call upon Governor to adopt legislature’s bi-partisan agreement on TANF Funds. Press release below. Also see attachments: The Allocation of the New York’s TANF Block Grant Funds for 2006-07 and Flexible Fund for Family Services allocations by county.

Assemblymember Deborah Glick and Advocates for Low-Income New Yorkers held a press conference today at the Legislative Office Building to urge Governor Pataki to stop playing politics with federal Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) block grant … (read more)

New York State’s Dual Crises: Low Graduation Rates and Rising School Taxes

May 18, 2006. A new report issued by the Public Policy and Education Fund of New York with the assistance of the Fiscal Policy Institute.… (read more)

Roth IRA “Conversion” Gimmick May be Used to Mask the True Cost of New Tax Cut Package Nearing Adoption by Congress

May 5, 2006. Press release below; also, links to additional resources.

Roth IRA “Conversion” Gimmick May be Used to Mask the True Cost of New Tax Cut Package Nearing Adoption by Congress

As news reports of the last several days have indicated, the chairs of the Senate Finance Committee and the House Ways and Means Committee have reached an “agreement in principle” on a tax reconciliation bill that would include approximately $70 billion of tax-cut extensions including a two-year extension … (read more)