Federal budget

Extending the State Fiscal Relief Provisions of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

June 8, 2010. The federal government’s failure to extend its increased share of state Medicaid costs would leave New York with an additional $1.06 billion in state budget cuts – on top of the cuts already on the table as part of Governor Paterson’s 2010-2011 gap closing plan. In this analysis, FPI calculates that if the state decided to fill the additional $1 billion dollar gap through workforce reductions, the number of layoffs would be in the 15,000-16,000 range. … (read more)

Fed Directive Threatens to Cut Funds for New York Children’s Health Coverag

May 6, 2008. A report from the Center for Children and Families at Georgetown University shows that the Bush administration bypassed Congress to issue a directive that will cut children’s health insurance funding in New York – at a time when residents and taxpayers can ill afford it. Report co-released by FPI, New York Children’s Action Network and Medicaid Matters New York. Press release >>(read more)

President’s budget reflects wrong priorities for New York

February 20, 2008. FPI’s release showing the detailed impact of President Bush’s $1.7 billion cut to New York for 2008-2009.… (read more)

Stimulating the Economy

January 29, 2008. An article by James Parrott, FPI’s deputy director and chief economist, who writes monthly for Gotham Gazette’s Economy section. Article >>(read more)

What to Know Before Analyzing the State Budget

January 20, 2008. This brief provides information about the state’s economy, its finances, and three policy issues (property taxes, economic development and economic security) that are sure to receive significant attention during this year’s budget debates. It also touches on the federal stimulus package now being debated in Washington, and how that package may help or hurt in the balancing of the state budget.… (read more)

Impact of a budget veto on New Yorkers’ vital human needs

October 31, 2007.  FPI senior economist Trudi Renwick participated in a telephone press conference organized by Citizen Action and the Emergency Campaign for America’s Priorities to illustrate the impact of a budget veto on New Yorkers’ vital human needs. Read ECAP’s press release.… (read more)

Difference between the President’s Budget and House Appropriations: Impact on New York State for Selected Programs

October 29, 2007. President Bush has threatened to veto an array of appropriations bills because they provide funding for domestic programs above the levels he requested in his budget. Adopting the president’s budget request would mean significantly less funding in some key domestic programs that provide critical services to a broad swath of families and communities – less than the House has appropriated, less than the amount needed to keep pace with inflation and in some cases, even less than … (read more)

Congressmen must explain cuts in critical programs

August 8, 2007.  An op ed by FPI’s senior economist, Trudi Renwick, together with Bob Cohen of Citizens Action, Buffalo News.… (read more)

Congressmen must explain cuts in critical programs

August 8, 2007. An op ed by FPI’s senior economist, Trudi Renwick, together with Bob Cohen of Citizens Action. Buffalo News.(read more)

The Fight over Federal Appropriations: Impact on New York State

July 17, 2007. Today FPI released a new report and joined more than 30 children’s, hunger, religious, social service and other advocacy organizations in calling on Congress to stand with New York families. The groups urged the state’s representatives to resist pressure from the administration to cut funding for education, child care, worker training and similar programs. FPI’s report, an issue of Fiscal Policy Note$, takes a look at the struggle in Congress over domestic discretionary spending, and finds that … (read more)