NYC taxes

New York City 2006 Budget and Economic Outlook

February 9, 2006. Presentation by FPI Deputy Director and Chief Economist James Parrott. Presentation >>(read more)

Expenditure of Payments in Lieu of Taxes (PILOTs) in New York City

March 22, 2005. Testimony by FPI Deputy Director and Chief Economist James Parrott at a hearing of the City Council. This testimony deals with the discovery of the fact that Mayor Bloomberg and several of his predecessors have been spending some PILOT payment revenues without appropriations by the City Council. Related: Mayor Bloomberg’s veto message explaining his June 9, 2005, veto City Council legislation requiring greater accountability in the expenditure of PILOT revenues. Testimony >>(read more)

New York City’s 2005-2006 Budget Outlook

February 2, 2005. Includes analyses of the Mayor’s January 27, 2005 Financial Plan, the MTA Operating Budget and 2005-2009 Capital Program, and the fiscal implications of the Far West Side Proposal. Presentation >>(read more)

Combined Impact of the Federal, New York State and New York City Income Tax Changes

June 2003. The net result? A substantial net reduction in the income tax liability of affected taxpayers. Data analysis >>

In adopting the 2003-2004 state budget, the New York State Legislature was able to greatly reduce the local property and sales tax increases and the service cuts that would have occurred if Governor Pataki’s budget had been adopted as submitted. To a significant degree, this local tax relief was made possible by the Legislature’s adoption of temporary increases in the … (read more)

Meeting New York City’s Fiscal and Economic Challenges in 2003

February 12, 2003. Released at FPI’s annual budget briefing, this analysis is based on Mayor Bloomberg’s January 28 Financial Plan for FY 2003-2007. Presentation >>(read more)

Taxes, Government Services and Jobs

February 12, 2003.  A short summary of the academic literature on this subject, and a critique of the New York State and New York City “tax impact” models prepared by the Beacon Hill Institute for the Heritage Foundation and the Manhattan Institute.… (read more)

The NYS and NYC Budgets

November 25, 2002. New from FPI: the New York City 2003-2004 budget outlook, based on Mayor Bloomberg’s November 14, 2002, Financial Plan Update. Briefing materials on the state budget:

  • New York State’s 2003-2004 Budget Outlook – a budget alert originally released October 19 and a presentation released September 26,
  • Listing of new tax cuts taking effect in 2002, 2003 and thereafter.
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Do Tax Increases in New York City Cause a Loss of Jobs?

February 2, 2002. A review of the evidence, by Moshe Adler, Oliver Cook, and James Parrott. Published in State Tax Notes. (A preliminary version of this analysis was presented for review and comment, December 2001.)… (read more)

Tax Breaks Won’t Help, Public Investment Will

December 12, 2001. An op ed in the New York Daily News on the rebuilding of Lower Manhattan, by David Dyssegaard Kallick and James Parrott.

The newly appointed Lower Manhattan Redevelopment Corp. will meet for the first time next week. When it does, it needs to begin work, in an open process, on a plan to increase the attractiveness of lower Manhattan through public investments, not tax incentives.

Before the mayoral election, politicians and establishment leaders of all stripes seemed … (read more)

Preliminary Analysis: Do Tax Increases in New York City Cause a Loss of Jobs?

December 5, 2001. Moshe Adler, Oliver Cook and James Parrott presented this review of the evidence at the New York State Network for Economic Research conference for review and comment. (The analysis was published in State Tax Notes in February 2002.)… (read more)