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Counterbudget 2000-2001: The Revenue Section

March 2000. FPI prepares the Revenue section of Counterbudget, which is coordinated and published each year by SENSES, the Statewide Emergency Network for Social and Economic Security. Counterbudget provides an analysis of the Governor’s Executive Budget Proposal and its impact on low-income New Yorkers focusing on the programs and policies identified as priority issues by the SENSES network of over 2500 human service, religious, labor, economic development and low-income organizations – issues including economic development, public assistance, health care, hunger … (read more)

Balancing Revenues, Expenditures and Human Needs in the 21st Century

February 14, 2000. FPI Executive Director Frank Mauro takes a look at the revenue side of the 2000-2001 Executive Budget.

Governor George Pataki’s first Executive Budget of the new century avoids some of the most counter productive cuts of his previous budgets. The 2000-2001 Executive Budget, for example, does not propose cuts in Tuition Assistance for the neediest of students, and it avoids what had come to bean annual battle over Medicaid.

BUT this latest Pataki budget fails miserably in … (read more)

Missed Opportunities: Assessing New York’s 2000-2001 Executive Budget in Economic, Social and Fiscal Context

January 25, 2000. The Fiscal Policy Institute’s annual budget briefing:

  • State government has begun to address one of New York’s most glaring social disparities (the large and growing number of New Yorkers without health insurance), and it has begun investing in several other areas in which there are significant social investment gaps (such as child care). Unfortunately, it continues to miss the opportunity to use the surpluses generated by the boom on Wall Street and several other factors to do
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New Yorkers Deserve a Fair Deal from State Government

December 2, 1999. The Fair Budget Campaign issues its third annual “People’s Budget;” a wide range of groups call on Governor and Legislature to InVEST in New York’s “human infrastructure.” Press release:

The Fair Budget Campaign released its third annual People’s Budget today, calling for increased investment in the state’s most valuable resource: its people. The Fair Budget Campaign is a cooperative project of ten statewide organizations that represent religious, senior citizen, community, student, environmental and taxpayer perspectives.

The leaders … (read more)

A Blind Eye: Assessing New York’s 1999-2000 Executive Budget in Economic, Social and Fiscal Context

February 1999. The Fiscal Policy Institute’s annual budget briefing. Below, text from the briefing book on the 1999-2000 executive budget. Also see Personal Income Tax Changes in New York State: Enacted 1995 Cuts and Proposed 2003 Cuts, which was presented at the briefing in Albany by Michael Ettlinger of the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy.

  • The 1999-2000 Executive Budget turns a blind eye to the major challenges and opportunities facing New York State, failing to even recognize them
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The Children’s Budget Report

November 1998.  A detailed analysis of spending on low-income children’s programs in 13 states by Deborah A. Ellwood of FPI and Kimura Flores and Toby Douglas of the the Urban Institute.… (read more)