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A Harder Struggle, Fewer Opportunities: The Impact of the Governor’s Proposed Budget on Women, Children and Families

March 23, 2011. This report, prepared for the New York Women’s Foundation, shows that the Executive Budget takes away from an array of vital programs that strengthen women’s ability to support themselves and their families, and keep them healthy and safe. Obstacles are placed in the paths of women trying to improve their lives and those of their children. The proposed assembly and senate budgets move in the right direction by moderating some of the proposed spending reductions. … (read more)

A Balanced Approach to Closing State Deficits

February 25, 2011. Most states are heading into their fourth year of fiscal crisis facing severe revenue shortfalls that require closing huge deficits. The choices states make about how to close those deficits have serious implications both in the short and long term. States that rely solely or primarily on widespread budget cuts to close deficits are harming residents and businesses that need immediate assistance; they also are reducing demand in the economy and impeding their state’s economic recovery. This … (read more)

Cuomo’s austerity budget will kill N.Y. jobs: Why not tax the top 5% instead of slashing services?

February 24, 2011. An op ed by Frank Mauro and James Parrott, New York Daily News.… (read more)

Testimony at the Joint Legislative Public Hearing on the 2011-2012 Executive Budget Proposal – Human Services

February 16, 2011. Testimony submitted by Carolyn Boldiston, FPI’s Senior Fiscal Policy Analyst. Her testimony includes: a review of New York State’s recent public assistance caseload history, a review of New York’s historical utilization of the federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) block grant, a review of the impact of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of February 2009 on TANF funding and spending in New York State, and recommendations for the 2011-2012 state fiscal year.… (read more)

FPI responds to the Partnership report: Can New York Depend on a “Millionaire’s Tax” to Solve the Budget Crisis?

February 14, 2011. The personal income tax (PIT) surcharge should be continued. It is not onerous, and it is offset by federal tax cuts. Moreover, unemployment is projected to stay above 7 percent until 2014; budget cuts worsen unemployment and the adversity experienced by many families in a weak economy. New York needs a balanced approach to balancing the budget, one that looks also at the revenue side, rather than relying too heavily on the cutting side. Brief >>(read more)

Balancing the New York State Budget 2011-2012

February 14, 2011. This presentation – by Frank Mauro of the Fiscal Policy Institute and Ron Deutsch of New Yorkers for Fiscal Fairness – was made at a budget briefing for legislators, staff and advocates. The briefing was sponsored by Growing Together NY, Strong Economy for All Coalition, AFL-CIO, AFSCME NY, ATU, CSEA, CWA District 1, NYSUT, PEF, SEIU Local 32BJ, TWU, and UFT.… (read more)

New York State’s Economic and Fiscal Outlook for 2011-2012

February 8, 2011. The Fiscal Policy Institute’s 21st annual budget briefing. Briefing book on the 2011-2012 executive budget>>(read more)

Statement from the Fiscal Policy Institute on the proposed Executive Budget 2011-2012

February 1, 2011. The budget proposed today by the Governor places relies excessively on spending cuts, which increase unemployment and intensify hardships for those bearing the brunt of the recession. Meanwhile, a privileged group has profited tremendously from New York’s economic growth over the past two decades, and from Wall Street’s recent resurgence; the richest one percent of New Yorkers now receive 35 percent of all income in the state, while they pay a lower state and local tax burden … (read more)

“Fiscal analyst calls NY deficit exaggerated”

January 22, 2011. Newsday’s Michael Amon blogs about some telling comments from Frank Mauro with respect to one estimate of the growth in state spending. Spin Cycle: Fiscal analyst calls NY deficit exaggerated.… (read more)

Fiscal Reality: Real Solutions for New York’s Budget Crisis

January 19, 2011. An op ed by James Parrott, The Indypendent.… (read more)