Property taxes

Omnibus Consortium Works to Advance Circuit Breaker and Promote Real Property Tax Reform

April 22, 2009. The Omnibus Consortium ( joined today with Senator Liz Krueger in support of her reform bill S.4239, calling for action by end of session. Press release >>(read more)

Groups Support Governor Paterson’s Proposal to Eliminate the STAR Rebate Checks

March 27, 2009. The Omnibus Consortium ( held a video press conference today to urge that this flawed program be replaced with a meaningful circuit breaker. Group press release >>(read more)

Exploring progressive changes to New York State’s personal income tax system

March 12, 2009. This testimony, presented by FPI executive director Frank Mauro to the New York State Senate Select Committee on Budget and Tax Reform, includes a discussion of the Omnibus Tax Reform Bill. The goal of the bill: to restore fairness to taxation with both short term relief and long term solutions.… (read more)

Major education organizations release analysis showing 64 percent of school districts face cuts in excess of $15,000 per classroom

February 22, 2009. The Fiscal Policy Institute joined with the Alliance for Quality Education and other groups to publicize the grim truth about Governor Paterson’s $2.5 billion in school aid cuts. Nearly two thirds of school districts face cuts in excess of $15,000 per classroom, and sixty districts face cuts over $30,000 per classroom. Education committee chairwomen Assemblywoman Nolan and Senator Oppenheimer joined education advocates in calling for school aid restorations; the organizations called for fair share tax reform. Release (read more)

School Finance On Long Island: An Analysis of State and Local Funding Patterns

January 30, 2009. FPI researched and wrote this paper for the Rauch Foundation as a supplemental report to Long Island Index 2009, a study of how Long Island is faring as a region. The index includes reports on specific indicators selected to reflect region-wide impact and interests, and identifies emerging trends and gaps that should be addressed now to avoid future problems. FPI was also cited widely in another section of the Index, Long Island’s Educational Structure. Read (read more)

New York State Commission on Property Tax Relief

December 1, 2008. An archived copy of the Commission’s website (originally at “”) is available through the New York State Library, including reports, fact sheets, webcasts and transcripts.

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Opinion in the Albany Times Union

The Times Union has provided a forum for opinion pieces from various sources:

September 7, 2008. A taxing solution: A tax cap forces Mass. towns to think about spending, by Richard P. Tisei, leader of the Republican minority in the Massachusetts Senate, and Bay State’s Proposition 2½ not without difficulties, by Michael J. Widmer, president of the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation.

July 20, 2008. A point/counterpoint pair of op eds on the proposed tax cap:  Cap pressures government, not (read more)

Short Term Tax Relief and Long Term Tax Reform: An Omnibus Bill Approach

August 15, 2008. Tax reform options are receiving little attention during the current property tax debate as elected officials, the media, advocates and the general public look for ways to deliver more immediate property tax relief. In this presentation, FPI’s Executive Director Frank Mauro makes the case for the Omnibus Property Tax Relief and Reform Act. He argues that immediate relief is best provided by a well-targeted property tax circuit-breaker; and that to ease the pressure on the … (read more)

Siena New York Poll: Circuit Breaker & Gas Tax Cut Top Property Tax Cap

July 14, 2008. While New York voters strongly support both a property tax cap and a property tax “circuit breaker,” which ensures that property taxes do not exceed a certain percentage of a homeowner’s income, when forced to choose between the two, a majority prefer the circuit breaker, according to a new Siena (College) Research Institute poll a new Siena Research Institute poll released today. More voters would rather see New York eliminate 32 cents of state gas taxes than … (read more)

Education policy experts weigh in on tax caps

July 14, 2008. A collection of materials from researchers and stakeholders, including the Council of School Superintendents and the PTA.

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