Numbers that Count

What is the county-by-county impact of raising New York’s minimum wage to $8.50 an hour?

May 24, 2012. This new brief shows that among several of the state’s larger upstate counties, the share of workers who would benefit directly is well above the statewide average – 10.1 percent of all resident workers. In Broome County 12.6 percent of workers would benefit, in Oneida 12.5 percent, Erie County 11.4 percent, Monroe 11.1 percent and Onondaga 10.9 percent. Downstate, 352,000 New York City workers would benefit directly, as would 126,500 Long Island workers and 72,500 workers in … (read more)

Which workers will benefit, if the New York minimum wage is raised to $8.50 an hour?

February 17, 2012. This brief estimates how many workers will benefit (a million!) and breaks down the data by demographic category. It shows how many live in New York City, versus how many live in the NYC suburbs and upstate, and also includes an estimate of the positive job creation impact of an increase in the minimum wage. The brief is part of the Numbers that Count series, in which FPI presents and analyzes new data on New York’s economy.… (read more)

New York State’s economic rebound is leading the nation

March 25, 2011. New data from the U.S. Commerce Department’s Bureau of Economic Analysis show that New York State led all states in 2010 in the growth in net earnings. This issue of “Numbers that Count” shows that New York grew fastest and second fastest in terms of net earnings and personal income respectively, well ahead of the national averages.… (read more)

What do the new Census population numbers tell us about New York’s economy?

January 20, 2011. This data brief, a response to claims that the Census figures depict New York’s economic decline, considers the Census population numbers in relation to other measures of New York State’s relative economic performance over the past decade. The brief is first in a series – Numbers that Count – presenting and analyzing new data on New York’s economy.… (read more)