Time to get rid of the LMDC

January 27, 2003. An op ed in the New York Daily News by David Dyssegaard Kallick. Read >> (read more)

Employees as Regulators

January 23, 2003. Below, an op ed by FPI senior economist Moshe Adler, New York Times.

At its first formal meeting, the new federal board overseeing the accounting profession proved George Stigler right. Mr. Stigler, who died in 1991, won a Nobel in economics for showing why regulated industries end up co-opting their regulators. At their meeting earlier this month, board members voted themselves annual salaries of $452,000 each, affirming that they are first and foremost interested in their … (read more)

Management and Accountability Issues Pertaining to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s New York City Transit Operations

January 17, 2003. Testimony by Matthew T. Mitchell before the Transportation Committee of the Council of the City of New York. Testimony >>(read more)