FPI Comments on NYSERDA’s Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) Rulemaking

December 24, 2007.  FPI comments urging NYSERDA to amend the proposed rule to include low-income protection as an explicitly mandated purpose for the proceeds of the auction of the RGGI allowances and to add at least one low-income advocate to the list of stakeholders to be included in the advisory group to oversee the expenditures of the auction proceeds.… (read more)

Immigrants boosting N.Y. middle class

December 19, 2007. A column by FPI senior fellow David Dyssegaard Kallick, Metro New York.(read more)

Could Wall Street’s Woes Be Good for New York?

December 18, 2007. An article by James Parrott, FPI’s deputy director and chief economist, who writes regularly for Gotham Gazette’s Economy section. Article >>(read more)

Testimony on economic development in New York State

December 18, 2007. Submitted by FPI’s chief economist James Parrott to the New York State Division of the Budget. New York’s trillion dollar economy has the potential to be a dynamic economy that rewards all New Yorkers, but challenges abound, including volatility on Wall Street. And there is little to show for the billions of dollars spent on economic development in 2007 by state and local governments. New York needs a new approach that is strategic, diverse, coordinated and accountable. … (read more)

Testimony of Frank Mauro before the NYS Division of the Budget Public Hearing on Property Taxes

December 13, 2007. This testimony describes the special problems faced by New York localities with relatively weak tax bases compared to their needs. To a large extent, state fiscal policies have caused great pressure on property taxes in needy cities, counties and school districts, including decisions: to reduce revenue sharing; to decrease the share of local school budgets covered by state aid, to divide the non-federal share of Medicaid costs without considering ability to pay, and to allocate STAR benefits … (read more)

The Health Care and Social Costs of the Uninsured in New York State

December 5, 2007. Using analysis from the Urban Institute and data from the New York State Department of Health, FPI estimates the distribution, by county, of full-year non-elderly uninsured, the cost of uncompensated care, and the social costs of uninsured.… (read more)

Testimony of Frank Mauro before the NYS Assembly Standing Committee on Real Property Taxation

December 5, 2007. Using data from the American Community Survey, FPI estimates the cost, number of beneficiaries and average benefits of the circuit breaker credit, as proposed (Galef/Little A.1575/S.1053) and with several modifications. Read the testimony >>(read more)

Building Up New York, Tearing Down Job Quality: Taxpayer Impact of Worsening Employment Practices in the New York City Construction Industry

December 5, 2007. In this report FPI finds that construction of affordable housing in NYC is tainted by sub-standard jobs. There is a huge underground economy with rampant employment abuse and tax non-compliance. Workers, taxpayers and honest employers pay the price – $489 million in 2005 and are likely to reach $557 million in 2008 – as construction employment practices deteriorate in New York City. And 50,000 construction workers (one in four) are employed off the books or as so-called … (read more)

Working for a Better Life – A Profile of Immigrants in the New York State Economy

November 26, 2007. What role do immigrants play in the New York State economy? How about in upstate New York? In the downstate suburbs? In New York City? What countries do immigrants come from? Where do they work? How well are they doing?

(read more)

Wall Street’s Binge, Workers’ Hangover

November 6, 2007. An article by James Parrott, FPI’s deputy director and chief economist, who writes regularly for Gotham Gazette’s Economy section. Article >>(read more)