The End of Wall Street as We Know It

September 22, 2008. An article by James Parrott, FPI’s deputy director and chief economist, who writes regularly for Gotham Gazette’s Economy section. Article >>(read more)

Unions Lift Wages for New York’s Hispanics

September 16, 2008. Unionization doubles health care and pension coverage. A new report from the Center on Economic and Policy Research, Unions and Upward Mobility for Latino Workers, shows that the median wage in New York State for unionized worker is $16.46 per hour, compared to a median of $12.00 per hour for nonunion. Press release including New York-specific data >>(read more)

Testimony on MTA Financing

September 15, 2008. Testimony of James A. Parrott before the New York State Commission on MTA Financing. Albany will have to make some tough choices to align the MTA’s recurring spending needs with recurring revenues. It will not be easy to do this during a downturn, but it is imperative that the State and the City put in place a phased-in approach that stabilizes MTA finances for the long term.… (read more)

Brooklyn Labor Market Review – Fall 2008

September 12, 2008. Commissioned by the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, this review finds that Brooklyn will experience a weaker labor market, and slower wage and income growth in 2008 and through the first half of 2009. However – attesting to the diversity and resiliency of Brooklyn’s economic base – the borough’s job decline will be far less than New York City’s, just as in the previous slowdown of 2001-2003. Read the report >>(read more)

Bush Administration Rule Would Force Health Centers to Close

September 8, 2008. FPI and others urge Congress to block this hostile rule and provide temporary fiscal relief through Medicaid. The new rule would have wide-ranging negative impacts of the new rule; advocates ask for a one-year moratorium and for inclusion of a temporary increase to the Federal Medical Assistance Percentage (FMAP) in the second emergency supplemental stimulus package. Press release and letter to members of Congress.… (read more)

Opinion in the Albany Times Union

The Times Union has provided a forum for opinion pieces from various sources:

September 7, 2008. A taxing solution: A tax cap forces Mass. towns to think about spending, by Richard P. Tisei, leader of the Republican minority in the Massachusetts Senate, and Bay State’s Proposition 2½ not without difficulties, by Michael J. Widmer, president of the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation.

July 20, 2008. A point/counterpoint pair of op eds on the proposed tax cap:  Cap pressures government, not (read more)

State of Working New York 2008: New York’s Rising Unemployment – The Other Crisis in Albany

August 28, 2008. Job losses rise, straining state unemployment insurance. Unemployment is up by 56,000 in the first half of 2008; in 25 counties, the increase is over 20 percent. New York’s projected budget gaps have received considerable attention in Albany; the state’s growing unemployment is the other crisis to which Albany must also turn its attention.

FPI’s State of Working New York series, published biennially since 1999, provides comprehensive and up-to-date analysis of the data … (read more)

New York has the highest poverty rate of all northern states

August 26, 2008. FPI’s look at new Census data for New York: no progress on poverty and family incomes since the 2001 recession; fewer New Yorkers are now uninsured but 2.5 million still lack health insurance. Includes figures for larger counties, cities and towns, as well as New York’s standing among the 50 states. Release with data >>(read more)

Transitional Jobs: Return on Investment Study

August 25, 2008. This analysis shows that a statewide Transitional Jobs initiative in New York could clearly pay for itself in just three years in primary public cost savings if it is able to increase employment rates by more than 26% for public assistance recipients and by more than 35% for formerly incarcerated participants. The actual public cost savings would likely be even greater once the impact on child support payments and justice system costs is factored in.… (read more)

Short Term Tax Relief and Long Term Tax Reform: An Omnibus Bill Approach

August 15, 2008. Tax reform options are receiving little attention during the current property tax debate as elected officials, the media, advocates and the general public look for ways to deliver more immediate property tax relief. In this presentation, FPI’s Executive Director Frank Mauro makes the case for the Omnibus Property Tax Relief and Reform Act. He argues that immediate relief is best provided by a well-targeted property tax circuit-breaker; and that to ease the pressure on the … (read more)