Ten Reasons We Don’t Have the Economy We Thought We Had

March 19, 2008. An article by James Parrott, FPI’s deputy director and chief economist, who writes regularly for Gotham Gazette’s Economy section. Article >>(read more)

State must work to fix property tax problem

March 14, 2008. A letter to the editor of The Saratogian by FPI senior economist Trudi Renwick.… (read more)

New York’s unemployment insurance system: A vital safety net for New York workers and their families during economic downturns

March 12, 2008. The unemployment insurance system serves as government’s first responder to economic problems. This brief shows that New York could get more economic charge from the program. In a volatile economy with frequent layoffs and job changes, a strengthened unemployment insurance program will help boost the economy of every county in the state.… (read more)

Film Study Misinterpreted

March 9, 2008. A letter to the editor by FPI deputy director and chief economist James A. Parrott, The Hartford Courant.… (read more)

The Role of Property Taxes in New York’s State-Local Tax System

March 6, 2008. This presentation was given by Frank Mauro, executive director of FPI, at Changing the Property Tax System in New York, a conference sponsored by TREND, the Tax Reform Effort of Northern Dutchess.  Other speakers included Robert McKeon of TREND and John Whiteley, Tri-County Committee for Property Tax Relief. Presentations: Mauro, McKeon, Whiteley.… (read more)

What’s wrong with the CGR critique of prevailing wage requirements

February 29, 2008. In a letter to the editor of the Long Island Business News, FPI deputy director and chief economist James A. Parrott explains what’s wrong with the recent report on prevailing wage requirements by the Rochester-based Center for Governmental Research.… (read more)

Presentation by James Parrott before the New York State Economic and Revenue Consensus Forecasting Conference

February 27, 2008. Presentation by FPI Deputy Director and Chief Economist James Parrott.  Parrott was one of five economists invited to speak at the conference, which gave Budget Director Laura Anglin and leaders of the Senate and Assembly fiscal committees the opportunity to hear testimony from leading state and national economic experts. By March 1, the legislature and governor must issue a joint report containing the consensus economic forecast and estimates of receipts for the 2008-2009 fiscal year.… (read more)

President’s budget reflects wrong priorities for New York

February 20, 2008. FPI’s release showing the detailed impact of President Bush’s $1.7 billion cut to New York for 2008-2009.… (read more)

Pay fair wages, get quality work

February 19, 2008. A column about IDA reform by FPI chief economist James Parrott and Jesse Lenney of Metro Justice, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.(read more)

Will Education Funding Promises be Broken?

February 14, 2008. FPI prepared the data for this report this report from the Alliance for Quality Education – showing that the proposed cuts in foundation aid in the executive budget disproportionately hurt students from poor households. The districts outside of New York City with the highest proportion of poverty (districts in which, on average, 60 percent of students live in poverty) face 20 percent of the proposed cuts despite having only 15 percent of all students in the state. … (read more)