Undocumented Immigrants Make New York Great By Fueling $40 Billion In Economic Output

April 5, 2017. In an article describing the tax contributions of undocumented immigrants in the Daily KOS, it cites FPI and ITEP’s co-released report on undocumented immigrants tax contributions in New York State as well as quotes FPI’s David Dyssegaard Kallick. The article argues that President Trump had undocumented workers help build Trump Towers but now demonizes them despite their contributions to the economy.

“Look at undocumented immigrants keeping New York great:

Undocumented immigrants contribute about $40 billion a year … (read more)

Immigration Advocacy Groups, State Officials Plan ‘Here To Stay’ Rally

April 4, 2017.  In Connecticut, the “Here To Stay” rally is being planned by state officials and advocacy groups in order to protest mass deportation strategies and to call attention to the economic contributions of immigrants. According to the article, this will be done through marches, rallies, music, food and stories. This article highlights the small business ownership statistic for Connecticut from FPI’s report, “Immigrant Small Business Owners: A Significant and Growing Part of the Economy.”

The Connecticut demonstration on … (read more)

Upstate New York Cities Welcome Refugees and Immigrants – Some Media Stories

Last updated August 28, 2017. During these times where executive orders from Washington are not promoting a welcoming climate for immigrants, refugees and asylees, cities in upstate New York choose to do the opposite. Upstate cities are topics in many newspapers that highlight their welcoming, supportive and caring attitudes and actions toward refugees and immigrants. The news articles listed below illustrate how cities such as Albany, Buffalo, Syracuse and Utica help, welcome and support, their refugee friends, neighbors and community … (read more)

Immigrant Business Week Underway in Philly

March 30, 2017. In an article highlighting Philadelphia’s first Immigrant Business Week, which intends to celebrate and promote the contributions of immigrant entrepreneurs, FPI’s report, Bringing  Vitality to Main Street, was quoted.

“Immigrant businesses contribute significantly to our country’s economy, especially to the city. They pay taxes, purchase properties help sustain our city’s financial stability.”

Kenney said a new report confirms his assessment.

“According to a report by the fiscal policy institute 96 percent of the growth of  our city’s … (read more)

Albany Times Union: “Tracking state subsidies stymied by inconsistent transparency”

Inconsistent record-keeping, poor follow-up seen in state, local subsidy programs

(read more)

Capitol Pressroom: Subsidies and sluggish Upstate job growth

March 28, 2017. By Alyssa Plock

A collaboration of reporting from Investigative Post, ProPublica, and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism shows that despite billions in subsidies, upstate job growth remains sluggish. Today three guests join Susan Arbetter to analyze the subsidy issue: Jim Heaney, Founder, Editor and Executive Director of Investigative Post, Ron Deutsch, Executive Director of the Fiscal Policy Institute, and EJ McMahon, Founder and Research Director of the Empire Center for Public Policy.

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Philly Mayor Draws Incorrect Immigrant Biz Stat From Flawed Fact-Sheet

March 28, 2017. In an article featured in the Billy Penn, the author discusses how Philadelphia’s Mayor, Jim Kenney, quoted an immigrant business statistic from the 2015 Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce report that cited FPI’s report, “Bringing Vitality to Main Street: How Immigrant Small Businesses Help Local Economies Grow.” The fact-sheet misinterpreted FPI and Americas Society/Council‘s statistic which referred to Main Street Businesses, not all business ownership.

The fact-sheet cited a 2015 Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce report, which … (read more)

Investigative Post: “Job growth across upstate New York remains sluggish despite billions in economic development subsidies”

This is the first part of a series that runs through Thursday. The full lineup of stories, columns and radio interviews can be found here »

March 28, 2017

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has sunk a lot of taxpayer money – $25 billion by his estimate – into recharging upstate’s moribund economy.

The governor has increased spending on subsidy programs to record levels, launched bold policy initiatives and crisscrossed upstate to announced projects he has frequently described as “game-changers.”

“Economic success … (read more)

Over 80 Upper-Income New Yorkers Urge Governor Cuomo and Legislature to Extend and Expand the Millionaires’ Tax

March 21, 2017. The Fiscal Policy Institute and Responsible Wealth released a letter signed by over 80 wealthy New Yorkers urging Governor Cuomo to extend and expand the millionaires’ tax, currently in place but set to expire at the end of this year.

Signers include Eileen Fisher, Abigail Disney, Steven C. Rockefeller, George Soros, David A. Levine, Dal LaMagna, Lewis B. Cullman, among other notable names. All signers, many members of the Responsible Wealth project, are residents of New York … (read more)

PA Joins Other Cities in Legal Action Against Travel Ban; Cities Join States in Effort to Halt White House Order

March 24, 2017. FPI and Americas Society/Council of the Americas co-released report on immigrant business ownership, “Bringing Vitality to Main Street, How Immigrant Small Businesses Help Local Economies Grow”, was cited in an amicus brief that Philadelphia submitted to the federal district court in Seattle to challenge President Trump’s travel ban.

The City of Philadelphia is among two dozen U.S. cities that have filed a friend-of-the-court (amicus) brief in the federal district court in Seattle, where six States have challenged … (read more)