There Are Benefits to Drivers’ Licenses For the Undocumented

January 18, 2019. In this op-ed, the author discusses the news that came out of a discussion between Sullivan County Clerk Dan Briggs and the New York State legislature which is that a bill for driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants is likely to pass this year. The author highlights the views of critics and advocates. Advocates support a bill for driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants because it would promote safer roads and prevent families from being separated when an unlicensed … (read more)

Fact check: How Much Does Illegal Immigration Cost America? Not Nearly As Much As Trump Claims.

January 10, 2019. This article discusses the controversy surrounding estimates of the cost of illegal immigration to the United States. The author points out that President Trump has used several different cost estimates including $200 billion, $250 billion and $275 billion in order to gain support for funding for the U.S.-Mexico border wall. The article goes on to discuss how an accurate estimate of the cost of illegal immigration is hard to determine. The author cites many tax and immigration … (read more)

Each Illegal Immigrant Costs US $82G, Conservative Think Tank Claims

January 10, 2019. This article and news clip covers the controversial estimate, from the Center for Immigration Studies, that claims an undocumented immigrant costs the United States $82,000 over their lifetime. The article goes on to highlight that numerous times the President has used a different and often larger number when talking about the cost of illegal immigration. The estimate has come into question by other immigration experts including Meg Wiehe from the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy and … (read more)

After Six Years, New York Must Finally Pass the Dream Act

January 10, 2019. This op-ed discusses the challenge that undocumented immigrant youth, who have graduated from New York high schools, face after graduation, which is not being able to afford college because they do not have access to state financial aid. The author goes on to discuss a solution to this problem, the New York State Dream Act, which would allow undocumented youth access to the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP). The author highlights that Governor Cuomo fully supports this proposed … (read more)

A Sitcom About The Endangered Path to the Middle Class

January 1, 2018. This article discusses the sitcom, “Kim’s Convenience,” which is a realistic portrayal of the life of immigrants. The article goes on to discuss how the show takes place in Canada and is based on the life of the Kim family who arrived in the country with no language skills, business connections and educational credentials, and they did what so many immigrants in the U.S. and Canada do in real life, start a business. The author highlights that … (read more)

Opinion: Public Charge and the Future of Immigration

December 14, 2018. In this op-ed by Steve Tobocman, executive director of Global Detroit, he argues that the Trump administration’s proposed “public charge” rule will go against the United States’ history of refugee resettlement and the country’s welcoming legacy. This rule would withhold green cards from immigrants who have used specific public benefits or are likely to use them in the future. Tobocman highlights the importance of immigrants to Michigan, who reversed the state’s population decline and how the “public … (read more)

As the Public Comment Period Ends, Advocacy Groups Mount One Last Push Against Trump’s ‘Public Charge’ Rule

December 12, 2018. This article discusses the work of advocacy organizations who are opposed to the Trump Administration’s proposed “public charge” rule, which would make it harder for immigrants to obtain a green card or citizenship if they have received or are likely to receive specific public benefits. The article goes on to discuss the efforts of organizations to post comments during the 60-day comment period that ended Monday in order to show their opposition and the harm that this … (read more)

New York Needs to Restore Access to Driver’s Licenses for All in 2019

December 10, 2018. In this op-ed by Luis Sepulveda & Javier Valdés, the authors argue that providing driver’s licenses to all New Yorkers, regardless of immigration status, is a necessity because a routine traffic stop can lead to a deportation case. This op-ed cites FPI’s report, “Expanding Access to Driver’s Licenses,” which estimates the revenue benefits to the state that include $57 million in annual  revenues, plus $26 million in one-time revenues. The authors argue that in areas … (read more)

On Census Preparations, State Lags While City, Advocacy Organizations & Business Community Move Ahead

December 10, 2018. This article discusses the work of advocates, community-based organizations (CBOs) and city officials on early preparation for the 2020 census given the challenges that will have to be faced including the possibility of a citizenship question. These advocates and CBOs are calling on the federal government for funding to help complete early preparation work that includes educating people on the importance of the census, efforts to reach hard-to-count communities and provide resources for census completion. Advocates argue … (read more)

Immigration Proposal Goes Against Spirit of Thanksgiving

December 1, 2018. In this op-ed, the author, Phineas Baxandall, argues that the Trump Administration’s proposed “public charge” rule, which would require immigrants applying for legal permanent residence to demonstrate that they have not received, and will not receive specific public benefits including SNAP and Medicaid. He argues that this rule goes against the tradition of Thanksgiving in America, which is a holiday known for helping European immigrants who were facing starvation during the winter months. The author goes on … (read more)