Welcoming Immigrants: The Work of Key Makers

June 15, 2018. In this article, by Edwin López Moya, he discusses the efforts of Philadelphia to become a  welcoming city for immigrants. Specifically he talks about the successes of the Welcoming Center for New Pennsylvanians which provides support and training to foreign professionals to help them get credentialing and jobs in the United States. This helps these foreign professionals from having to accept low wage positions. The article acknowledges research that finds that immigrants contribute to the overall economy … (read more)

Immigrants Voices

June 8, 2018. In this article by Edwin López Moya, he brings research on immigrants to life by outlining major research findings and providing stories of immigrants from Philadelphia who amplify the story the research is telling. He cites FPI’s report on immigrant entrepreneurship, “Bringing Vitality to Main Street: How Immigrants Small Businesses Help Local Economies Grow.”

With that premise in mind, a group of Dreamers created a campaign four years ago with one simple message: “Welcome (read more)

With More Corruption Trials Looming, Groups Tell NY Lawmakers to OK Contract Oversight Bills

June 8, 2018. This article by Yancey Roy discusses the demands from government reform groups, FPI included, for the New York State government to create transparency of economic development spending. The groups call for a database of deals and power to be restored to the Comptroller to review contracts. The article goes on to highlight the two corruption trials and that the Senate and Assembly backed the bills during budget negotiation but Governor Cuomo did not and they were dropped.… (read more)

Ron Deutsch, John Kaehny, on “Database of Deals” Proposal

June 8, 2018. FPI’s executive director, Ron Deutsch, and John Kaehny of Reinvent Albany discuss the “database of deals” that would increase transparency of economic development spending on Capital Tonight. The “database of deals” would put all information on economic development spending in one place that is open to the public. The public could see how many jobs are being created and who is getting tax breaks. Also discussed is restoring the power to the Comptroller to review state contracts.… (read more)

Global Forced Migration Crisis

June 8, 2018. Mayor Rawlings, Governor of Dallas, Texas, cited FPI and the Tent Foundation’s co-released report, “Refugees as Employees: Strong Retention, Strong Recruitment.” He was discussing the Global Forced Migration Crisis and argued that U.S.-born residents and immigrants must work together to help new residents integrate.

A recent study by the fiscal policy Institute found that retention rates tend to be far higher than average. and mac — manufacturing the turnovers among refugees was only 4% compared … (read more)

Groups Urge Economic Development Reform

June 8, 2018. This article discusses the actions of government groups to encourage the state to make changes to economic development policy in order to increase transparency. They argue it is needed because of corruption trials related to economic development projects. They are calling for a database of deals and for the power of the Comptroller to review projects to be restored. The article notes that the Senate has passed these bills and they are waiting for the Assembly to … (read more)

Progressive Groups, Government and Budget Watchdogs Call On Assembly Speaker Heastie to Allow Vote on Database of Deals and Comptroller’s Procurement Integrity Act


Ron Deutsch, Fiscal Policy Institute, 518-469-6769

John Kaehny, Reinvent Albany, 917-941-9865

Jessica Wisneski, Citizen Action of New York, 845-901-0264

Jasmine Gripper, Alliance for Quality Education, 347-301-6277

Ethan Geringer-Sameth, Citizens Union; 914-715-0887

Susan Lerner, Common Cause New York; 917-670-5670

Jennifer Wilson, League of Women Voters NYS; 518-465-4162

Blair Horner, NYPIRG; 518-727-4506

Michael Kink, Strong Economy for All, 518-527-2787

Progressive Groups, Government and Budget Watchdogs Call On Assembly Speaker Heastie to Allow Vote on Database of Deals and Comptroller’s Procurement Integrity (read more)

Here’s Yet Another Business Benefit of Hiring Refugees

June 7, 2018. This article discusses the experiences that two companies, Engent and Figure 8 Investment Strategies, have had with hiring refugees. Both companies have experienced positive outcomes such as loyalty and dependability from hiring refugee workers, as well as some challenges. The article also discusses Amplio Recruiting’s findings that refugees have higher retention rates which are in line with FPI and the Tent Foundation’s report, “Refugees as Employees: Good Retention, Strong Recruitment.” Amplio Recruiting is a staffing … (read more)

Results Are in From the First Major Study of US Employers’ Experiences With Refugee Hires

May 30, 2018. This article by Lila MacLellan, discusses the findings of FPI’s new report, commissioned by the Tent Foundation, “Refugees as Employees: Good Retention, Strong Recruitment.” The findings include 73% of the 26 firms interviewed had higher retention rates for refugee employers, refugee workers served as a source of recruitment, and employers feeling a sense of pride.

Refugees, the companies are saying, deserve opportunities in their new home and, contrary to the recent rhetoric, pose no … (read more)

A Look at the Impact of Refugee Placements on Virginia’s Economy

May 30, 2019. Chad Stewart, of the Commonwealth Institute located in Virginia, was featured in a radio interview on Virginia’s Public Radio, Radio IQ. He discussed how the Trump Administration’s immigration policies have effected the number of refugees in Virginia and its economy. He stated that  the number of refugee placements in Virginia was between 1,200 to 1,600 a year between 2008 and 2016, but is estimated to be less than 300 for this year.

The number of refugee placements … (read more)