Transferring To a Real Estate Transfer Tax

April 2, 2019.This article discusses New York State lawmakers’ reluctance to implement a pied-a-terre tax and preference for a real estate transfer tax on high value sales instead. The author notes that the pied-a-terre tax was proposed as a way to generate revenue to help fund the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York City. The article goes on to discuss that lawmakers plan to target the same people with a real estate transfer tax, specifically those with condos and … (read more)

NY Weighs a Real Estate Tax as Pied-A-Terre Tax Hits a Roadblock

April 2, 2019. This article discusses the proposed pied-a-terre tax in New York State that would generate revenue to help fund the transportation system in New York City by taxing out-of-state apartment owners in Manhattan. The article highlights that lawmakers are proposing a real-estate transfer tax on all high-end sales, in place of a pied-a-terre tax, to avoid challenges with revenue becoming entangled with foreign ownership rights. The article quotes FPI’s executive director, Ron Deutsch, who suggests that the state … (read more)

Early Arrival: NYS Budget’s Census Funding Disappoints Advocates

April 1, 2019. This article discusses the disappointment of advocates across New York State with the allocated $20 million funding for the 2020 census included the governor’s state budget, which was released Sunday March 31, 2019. The author goes on to highlight that advocates were asking the state to provide $40 million for community based organizations to do outreach and help with 2020 census work, an estimate calculated by the Fiscal Policy Institute. The author goes on to note that … (read more)

New York Will Dedicate $40 Million to 2020 Census Outreach in State Budget

March 28, 2019. This article covers the reports that $40 million will be included in the budget for community based organizations to help ensure an accurate count in the 2020 census. The author notes that both the Assembly and Senate included the funds in their one-house budgets. The article goes on to highlight that advocates will still urge the governor to include the funds in the finalized budget.

State lawmakers will provide $40 million in state money to ensure New … (read more)

Cayuga County Legislature Debates, Opposes Licenses for Undocumented Immigrants

March 27, 2019. This article discusses the Cayuga County Clerk Sue Dwyer’s opposition to a proposed bill that would allow undocumented immigrants to apply for driver’s licenses. According to the article, the county clerk claims that her staff doesn’t have the capacity or training to verify foreign documents and that she is concerned about voter registration documents being given to undocumented immigrants. Rebecca Fuentes, from the Workers’ Center of CNY, said that because undocumented workers can’t drive, they have to … (read more)

NY Again Weighs Driver’s Licenses for Those in the Country Illegally

March 23, 2019. This article, the author provides answers to some of the frequently asked questions asked about providing undocumented immigrants with access to driver’s licenses. The questions the author provided answers to include the following: does current law prohibit those in the country illegally from obtaining driver’s licenses in New York, is legislation to legalize driver’s licenses for these immigrants expected to pass, how many immigrants are we talking about, Who opposes the measure, and how would an applicant … (read more)

Damned if They Drive, Damned if They Don’t

March 26, 2019. This article discusses the campaign efforts by advocates that formed the coalition called Green Light NY to urge lawmakers to allow undocumented immigrants access to driver’s licenses. The author highlights that driver’s licenses is also a farm worker issue because many farm workers are undocumented and although they may live on the farm, they can’t easily leave it for daily activities and to even get to the hospital for emergencies. The author goes on to discuss … (read more)

Buffalo’s Refugee Agencies Petition State to Cover Federal Funding Gap Under Trump

March 20, 2019. This article discusses the 14 refugee resettlement agencies that came together from across New York State to urge lawmakers and the governor to expand their funding from $2 million to $4.5 million to help with the funding gap these agencies are facing due to the Trump administration’s refugee cap. The author goes on to note that both the senate and executive budget bills don’t include funding for these agencies, but the Assembly bill allocates $2 million.

The … (read more)

NYC Congress Members Urge $40M for Census Outreach

March 19, 2019. This article covers the rally that took place at New York City Hall where Representatives Carolyn Maloney, Jerrold Nadler, Grace Meng, Adriano Espaillat and Gregory Meeks spoke about their fear that New York will experience an undercount in the 2020 census and lose federal funds. The author goes on to highlight that the Congress members urged the governor to include $40 million, an estimate calculated by FPI, in the executive budget to help achieve an accurate count. … (read more)

Will Immigrants Find Themselves in the Driver’s Seat?

March 19, 2019. This article discusses the efforts of advocates to urge lawmakers to pass legislation that would allow undocumented immigrants to apply for driver’s licenses to protect them from the federal attacks on immigrants. According to the article, lawmakers who support the legislation and advocates argue that expanding access to licenses would benefit local economies, make roads safer, and put an additional barrier between Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) by reducing their risk of deportation. The author notes that … (read more)