Reality Check: Immigrants’ Economic, Cultural Contributions Deserve Recognition, Support

March 13, 2019. This op-ed written by Carolina Puga Mendoza discusses how the facts about immigration state the opposite of the anti-immigrant rhetoric being spread by the federal administration. The author cites many reports that demonstrate that immigrants are business owners who create jobs, are the back bone of many industries, such as construction, house cleaners and nannies, they pay taxes and are hard workers.

According to the Fiscal Policy Institute, an independent public policy organization, small businesses created by … (read more)

How a $238 Million Penthouse Turned a Long-Shot Tax on the Rich Into Reality

March 13, 2019. This article discusses advocates urging New York State to implement a pied-à-terre tax, which would be the United State’s first tax on superluxury second homes, or more specifically second homes that cost more than $5 million. The author highlights the sale of a New York City building with penthouses that was sold for $238 million, which is the most expensive residential sale in the United States. The article notes that both houses of the New York State … (read more)

Marchers Take to the Streets to Support Driver’s License Access For All

March 13, 2019. This article discusses the march and rally in Suffolk county, New York to support the Green Light New York bill, that would allow all New Yorkers access to driver’s licenses regardless of immigration status if passed. The author highlights that the bill is pending in the New York State legislature and that New York is falling behind 12 states, plus D.C. The article went on to quote many advocates about the benefits of allowing access to driver’s … (read more)

Driver’s Licenses for Undocumented Immigrants Getting Closer to Reality in New York

March 12, 2019. This article discusses the rally at the New York State Capitol, organized by the New York Immigration Coalition, that called on lawmakers to allow undocumented immigrants access to driver’s licenses. The coalition argues that it will make New York’s roads safer and bring in additional revenue.

Hundreds of activists from across New York are traveling to the Capitol on Tuesday to call on lawmakers to allow driver’s licenses for immigrants in the country without legal permission.

The … (read more)

Press Release: Legislators, Fiscal Watchdog, Children and Social Justice Advocates and Faith Leaders Urge NY to Take Real Steps To Address Child Poverty and Provide Tax Relief to Low Income Families by Strengthening NY’s EITC and Child Tax Credit

For Immediate Release: March 11, 2019

Media Contact:

Dede Hill, Director of Policy, Schuyler Center for Analysis and Advocacy – (518) 879-6616 | Ron Deutsch, Executive Director, Fiscal Policy Institute – (518) 469-6769 | Pete Nabozny, The Children’s Agenda – (518) 929-1264 |



Legislators, Fiscal Watchdog, Children and Social Justice Advocates and Faith Leaders Urge NY to Take Real Steps To Address Child Poverty and Provide Tax Relief to Low Income Families by Strengthening NY’s… (read more)

Cuomo, Legislature Weighing Tax on Manhattan Pieds-à-Terre

March 8, 2019. Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo is considering a new tax that would hit the very rich who keep co-ops and condominiums in Manhattan for when they stopover for business or pleasure.

Some public policy advocates have referred to the pied-à-terre tax as the perfect tax because it can raise billions of dollars from people who are so wealthy that it might not matter much and don’t vote for city or state officials, anyway.

Cuomo’s plan, as with proposals (read more)

Bronx DA Supports Granting Driver’s Licenses to Undocumented Immigrants

March 10, 2019. This article discusses the support by many high raking individuals who support allowing all New Yorkers access to driver’s licenses regardless of immigration status, including the Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark and the Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez. The author highlights that the licenses for undocumented immigrants will help the police identify who they pull over and that the program would generate revenue for the state. The author goes on to note that people in opposition to … (read more)

Reworking New York State’s Family Tax Credits

March 8, 2019. The human costs of child poverty are staggering. Experiencing poverty as a child – even for short stints – can impair brain development, physical and mental health, and academic achievement, and increase the possibility of child welfare involvement.  And the impacts can last a lifetime.  Childhood poverty is the single best predictor of adult poverty.

Child poverty also imposes extraordinary economic costs to the state.  A report just issued by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and … (read more)

Pied-a-Terre Tax Media Roundup

March 7, 2019. As the first of April inches closer, there has been significant buzz about implementing a Pied-a-Terre Tax on non-primary residences in New York City. Pushed by two New York City Council members and two Manhattan state legislators, the tax would apply a surcharge to homes in the City that are not primary residences and are worth more than $5 million. A report by the Fiscal Policy Institute cited that the proposed tax would generate an estimated $665 … (read more)

Renewed Push in Albany for State investment in Census Preparation

March 4, 2019. This article discusses the efforts of advocates in a statewide coalition calling on the governor and legislature to include $60 million in the executive budget for 2020 census preparation. The article quotes advocates who argue that this funding is needed to handle a variety of challenges due to the census being administered online for the first time and to ensure an accurate count by providing funding to community based organizations who are trusted by the hard-to-count population.… (read more)