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Fiscal Policy Institute Response to the 2019-2020 Adopted Budget

Fiscal Policy Institute Response to the 2019-2020 Adopted Budget Read FPI's comprehensive overview of the NYS budget. Revenues This year’s budget raises revenues from a number of different areas, and does so through a number of well-founded approaches. The Fiscal Policy Institute supports the newly enacted luxury real estate tax, which makes property taxes more progressive. We support congestion pricing, which will raise needed revenues for the transit system while reducing traffic in Manhattan. And we support the collection of sales tax from internet marketplace [...]

2021-01-06T10:13:40-05:00April 1st, 2019|NYS Budget, Press releases|

Fiscal Policy Institute Releases Analysis in Support of Proposed Pied-à-Terre Tax

For Immediate Release: March 26, 2019 Contact: Jonas J.N. Shaende PhD, Chief Economist, Fiscal Policy Institute - 212.721.5624 | Ron Deutsch, Executive Director, Fiscal Policy Institute - 518.469.6769 |   Fiscal Policy Institute Releases Analysis in Support of Proposed Pied-à-Terre Tax Report and Analysis here. A PIED-À-TERRE TAX IS A TAX ON HIGH-VALUE LUXURY RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY that is not used by its owners as a primary residence. This type of tax has become increasingly common around the world as a way to ensure that [...]

2021-01-06T10:03:58-05:00March 26th, 2019|NYS Tax Policy, Press releases|

Cuomo, Legislature Weighing Tax on Manhattan Pieds-à-Terre

March 8, 2019. Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo is considering a new tax that would hit the very rich who keep co-ops and condominiums in Manhattan for when they stopover for business or pleasure. Some public policy advocates have referred to the pied-à-terre tax as the perfect tax because it can raise billions of dollars from people who are so wealthy that it might not matter much and don’t vote for city or state officials, anyway. Cuomo's plan, as with proposals by Sen. Brad Hoylman (D-Manhattan) and the labor-backed Fiscal [...]

2021-01-06T09:57:40-05:00March 11th, 2019|FPI in the News, NYS Tax Policy|

Groups Lobby for Changes to State Budget to Help Low- and Middle-Income People

March 4, 2019. As New York lawmakers struggle over the proposed 2020 state budget, these are some of the issues that have prompted two organizations to partner for an awareness campaign that’s taking them throughout the state. Ron Deutsch, executive director of the Fiscal Policy Institute, Latham, and the Rev. Peter M. Cook, executive director of the state Council of Churches, are on a three-week tour of communities, large and small. “We believe things have been askew,” Mr. Deutsch said. “The top 1 percent of [...]

2021-01-06T09:57:24-05:00March 11th, 2019|FPI in the News, NYS Tax Policy|

Lawmakers & Advocates to Cuomo: Where is the Census Funding Report Due in January?

Senators Question Why 2018 Law Establishing NYS Complete Count Commission Was Never Created and Status of Missing Report on Funding Recommendations New York is Projected to be the Only State to Lose 2 Congressional Seats ALBANY, NEW YORK (2/6/2019) – Today, members of the New York State Senate Majority and advocates called into question why Governor Cuomo failed to convene the 2020 Census Complete Count Commission required by legislation he signed into law in March of 2018, and want to know the status of a [...]

2021-01-06T09:35:10-05:00February 7th, 2019|Good Governance, Press releases|

Rod Watson: Report Underscores Need to Mandate Affordable Housing

The analysis from the Fiscal Policy Institute, based on Census Bureau data, looks at affordability in the state’s six largest cities. It shows that 38 percent of Buffalo’s renters spend more than 30 percent of their income on housing, with a quarter of the city’s renters spending more than 40 percent. The federal government sets 30 percent as the upper limit for housing that’s deemed "affordable," meaning more than a third of Buffalo’s residents can’t really afford the rental housing they are living in. That [...]

New York’s Rent Affordability Crisis Hits Families of Color the Hardest

The United States and New York are in the midst of an affordable housing crisis. Nearly 11 million American households pay over half of their income in rent despite the fact that the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) defines “affordable housing” as housing costing below 30 percent of a family’s income for rent. If a family pays more than 30 percent of their income on rent, they are considered “rent burdened.” In New York State, the affordable housing crisis is particularly severe, especially [...]

2021-01-06T11:26:50-05:00April 11th, 2018|Blog, Creating Vibrant Communities, Fact Sheets, Housing|

Trump Online Store Suddenly Adds Virginia to Short List of States Where it Collects Online Sales Tax

April 10, 2018. The Trump Organization's online store on Monday quietly added Virginia to the list of states in which it collects sales taxes, following reports that the site collects such taxes in just two states. As late as Monday morning, the Trump Organization's official retail site,, only identified Louisiana and Florida among the states in which it collects sales taxes. Although the Trump Organization is headquartered in New York, the store does not claim to collect sales taxes in the state. There are [...]

2021-01-06T11:26:07-05:00April 10th, 2018|Federal Taxes & Budget Policy, FPI in the News|

Impact of Cuomo’s Response to Federal Tax Changes is Uncertain

April 5, 2018. New York’s first-in-the-nation response to the new federal tax package and its cap on the deductibility of state and local taxes is now law, but the impact of the measure remains uncertain, experts say. The state budget adopted Saturday includes Gov. Andrew. M. Cuomo’s proposal for a voluntary state payroll tax and the creation of charitable entities aimed at preserving the deductibility of state and local taxes on federal income tax returns. The labor-backed Fiscal Policy Institute credits the governor and legislature [...]

2021-01-06T11:25:35-05:00April 9th, 2018|Federal Taxes & Budget Policy, FPI in the News|

Watchdog Groups Call for More Transparency to Economic Development

March 28, 2018. Good government groups are staying optimistic about getting the  "database of deals" included in the state budget to bring more transparency to economic development. Both one-house budget bills included some form of the database, which would track the companies getting tax breaks or other benefits, the number of jobs expected, and whether key benchmarks are being met. A lot of that information is already available, but only if you know where to look. And MRCH guests argue that the opaqueness of the [...]

As State Budget Deadline Nears, Some Items May Fall off the Table

March 27, 2018. A measure to crack down on sexual harassment in government and the private sector appeared to remain in the 2018-19 budget package on Monday, while several other high-profile initiatives may be put aside and addressed after the April 1 deadline, according to legislative staffers and others close to the budget talks. Also staying in place is a wide-ranging plan to allow employers to increase payroll taxes they pay – which would help employees deal with the new $10,000 limit on federal deductibility [...]

2021-01-06T11:23:23-05:00March 27th, 2018|FPI in the News, NYS Budget|

NYS Tax Reform for Fiscal 2019 – Let’s Take Our Time and Get It Right

Jonas J.N. Shaende, PhD, Fiscal Policy Institute March 26, 2018 Governor Cuomo released his 30-day amendments to the Executive Budget where he outlined his plan for the state’s tax system redesign in response to the tax changes at the federal level. The state legislature – both the Assembly and the Senate – reviewed the plan and supplied their respective amendments to the Executive Budget proposal. The direction taken by the governor is a good one, however, the set of solutions being discussed and the process [...]

2021-01-06T11:22:38-05:00March 26th, 2018|NYS Budget, NYS Tax Policy|

Watchdog Groups Call for the Governor and Legislature to Pass in the Budget a “Database of Deals” Making Business Subsidies Transparent

March 26, 2018. Reinvent Albany, Citizens Budget Commission and Fiscal Policy Institute today called for the Governor and Legislature to pass a “Database of Deals” in this year’s budget. Both houses’ budget bills included a “Database of Deals” (Part KK in A.9508-B and Part LLLL in S.7508-B ) that are very similar and largely track existing legislation introduced by Assembly member Robin Schimminger and Senator Thomas Croci (A.8175 and S.6613-B). A “Database of Deals” will list all state economic development benefits, including grants, loans or [...]

Internet Sales Tax Capture Effort Stalled in Albany

March 23, 2018. The expansion of the sales tax on cyberspace transactions was projected to raise $160 million for the state treasury and another $160 million for county governments, many of which split portions of their share with towns, villages and cities. The proposal, advanced by Gov. Andrew Cuomo in his executive budget, was blocked by Senate Republicans, who have been adamant they will not approve new taxes this year.  The Retail Council of New York State, representing brick-and-mortar stores throughout the state, is one [...]

2021-01-06T11:21:05-05:00March 23rd, 2018|FPI in the News, NYS Tax Policy|
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