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FPI’s New Report Highlights the Unequal State of New York

For Immediate Release: December 6, 2019 Media Contact: Fern Whyland, Communications Director,, 315-436-0558 The Unequal State of New York The Majority of Income is Captured by the Fewest New Yorkers Read the report: The Unequal State of New York click here. (Albany, NY) The Fiscal Policy Institute reports that New York State has the most unequal income distribution in the nation, with the fewest people capturing the greatest share. Not since the “Gilded Age” of the 1920s has our state seen such a vast divide [...]

With “rent burdens” on the rise, advocates urge changes to state laws

May 1, 2019. This article looks at the problem of rent burdens in the Rochester area in advance of the NYS Assembly hearing on May 10. The article highlighted the disparities "2 out of 5 renters -- and 60% of minorities -- in the Rochester area are rent-burdened. Others upstate cities face similar numbers, but Rochester’s are the highest." A recent study by the nonpartisan Fiscal Policy Institute says nearly half of New York renters are “rent-burdened. Ron Deutsch, the group’s executive director, said housing – not [...]

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Report: Nearly Half of New York Renting Families Are Rent-Burdened

April 29, 2019. Families should pay no more than 30 percent of their income for rent according to housing advocates. Many public agencies set their support levels to meet this standard. Unfortunately, we find that across New York State, and in some of its major cities, significant shares of families are paying more than 30 percent of their income in rent. This is especially true among families of color. Severe rent burdens can badly reduce families’ ability to pay for other important expenses, such as food or [...]

Press Release: Families Lack Affordable Housing Statewide, Rent burdens leave families and communities without a firm foundation

  For Immediate Release: April 29, 2019 Media contact: Fern Whyland, Communications Director,, 315-436-0558 (Albany, NY) Today the Fiscal Policy Institute released a new report “Nearly Half of New York Renters Are Rent Burdened” (add link) showing a majority of renting families statewide are “rent-burdened” meaning that they pay over the recommended standard of 30% of their income in rent – and for families of color that percentage climbs even higher. FPI cautions that the effects of rent burdens hurt families, local communities, and [...]

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Investing in census outreach pays off

April 23, 2019. This opinion piece was written by Betsy Gotbaum, executive director of Citizens Union, details the importance of fully funding census outreach: "A low count in New York City and state could cost us one or two representatives in Congress and billions of dollars in federal aid. The accuracy of the 2020 census is not a small matter. The Trump administration is doing its best to ensure that states like New York wind up with an undercount. The Constitution requires that all residents [...]

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The rent is too high! Rochester housing advocates rally for rent reforms

April 11, 2019. This article covered a demonstration highlighting local support for rent regulation by the Rochester Housing Coalition, members of the City-Wide Tenant Union, the Rochester Homeless Union, VOCAL-NY, House of Mercy, and St. Joseph's House of Hospitality participated in the event, which began at the Liberty Pole and ended at the former Hotel Cadillac, where numerous low-income tenants were evicted last year so building owners DHD Ventures could renovate the property. Legislation has been introduced in Albany that strengthen tenant protections  allow cities across the [...]

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The Unclear Path For New York’s Belated Census Effort

April 11, 2019. This article covers the concerns that New York is underfunded for outreach for the 2020 Census. The article notes that state legislators had wanted to spend $40 million to make sure all New Yorkers are counted, but Governor Andrew Cuomo gave the commission $20 million. The $40 million estimate was calculated by David Dyssegaard Kallick, deputy director of the Fiscal Policy Institute. He says with spending at $2 per person, each person would get about eight minutes of outreach, which may be fine for [...]

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$20M Enough for NY Count?

April 7, 2019. This article discusses the concerns about a possible failure to properly account for New York's population in the 2020 Census which could result in the potential loss of 2 seats in the House of Representatives and billions in federal funds. Deepening the worry is Governor Andrew Cuomo's delay in filling his appointments to the Complete Count Commission which was done after the Commission's report was sue and the state budget allocation of $20 million - an amount reached without formal input from [...]

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New York State Risks Losing Federal Funds Because of Poor Census Planning

March 8, 2019.  New York is one of the country’s largest states with one of the most notoriously hard-to-count populations. California is one of many state's that have begun planning for the upcoming census count, allocating $100million in their state budget to prepare for the decennial survey. This article discusses why planning for the census is important for New York and why the state needs to take action in this budget cycle. Need of at least $40 million The Fiscal Policy Institute, a nonpartisan think tank [...]

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Renewed Push in Albany for State investment in Census Preparation

March 4, 2019. This article discusses the efforts of advocates in a statewide coalition calling on the governor and legislature to include $60 million in the executive budget for 2020 census preparation. The article quotes advocates who argue that this funding is needed to handle a variety of challenges due to the census being administered online for the first time and to ensure an accurate count by providing funding to community based organizations who are trusted by the hard-to-count population. The Cuomo administration has previously [...]

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Automatic Voter Registration: Good for Democracy and Sound Fiscal Sense

February 11, 2019. New York is in many ways thought of as a progressive state, but in terms of the basic democratic function of voting we are far behind most of the country. In voter registration, for instance, New York ranks 46th out of 50 states in share of citizens over 18 years old who are registered to vote. Automatic Voter Registration is a solution being currently considered that would leave far fewer people behind. As with any new proposal, it is worth examining the [...]

Lawmakers & Advocates to Cuomo: Where is the Census Funding Report Due in January?

Senators Question Why 2018 Law Establishing NYS Complete Count Commission Was Never Created and Status of Missing Report on Funding Recommendations New York is Projected to be the Only State to Lose 2 Congressional Seats ALBANY, NEW YORK (2/6/2019) – Today, members of the New York State Senate Majority and advocates called into question why Governor Cuomo failed to convene the 2020 Census Complete Count Commission required by legislation he signed into law in March of 2018, and want to know the status of a [...]

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On Census Preparations, State Lags While City, Advocacy Organizations & Business Community Move Ahead

December 10, 2018. This article discusses the work of advocates, community-based organizations (CBOs) and city officials on early preparation for the 2020 census given the challenges that will have to be faced including the possibility of a citizenship question. These advocates and CBOs are calling on the federal government for funding to help complete early preparation work that includes educating people on the importance of the census, efforts to reach hard-to-count communities and provide resources for census completion. Advocates argue that federal under-funding and the [...]

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Op-Ed: Protect Veterans’ Access to SNAP

November 9, 2018 Veterans Day reminds us of our duty to support Americans who have served our nation in uniform. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the sacrifices they’ve made and to re-examine the ways we can help them when they return home and re-enter civilian life. As we support them, we can certainly all agree that no veteran should go hungry. Unfortunately, for too many veterans in New York and across the country, hunger remains a serious concern. That’s one of the reasons the [...]

Webinar: What New York’s Community Organizations Need To Know About Public Charge

Join FPI For A Webinar On: What New York's Community Organizations Need To Know About Public Charge Last month, the Department of Homeland Security publicized a proposed Public Charge rule that would punish immigrants going through official immigration processes and their families for applying for or receiving government benefits for which they are legally eligible. This would take away vital government assistance programs such as SNAP, Medicaid, and housing assistance from low-income immigrant families, including U.S. citizen children. Denying access to basic needs programs will [...]

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