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Press Release: Fair Pay for Farm Workers is Affordable

For immediate release: Tuesday, May 28, 2019 Contact: Fern Whyland, whyland@fiscalpolicy.org, 315-436-0558 The new report: "Farm Workers' Overtime Pay is Affordable and Long Overdue" New Report Shows that Fair Pay for Farm Workers is Affordable Our state can end the archaic exclusion of job protections for farm workers (Albany, NY) Today the Fiscal Policy Institute released a new report “Farm Workers’ Overtime Pay is Affordable and Long Overdue” which looks at how giving farm workers the same rights and protection as other workers, including overtime pay for long hours, [...]

Report: Farm Workers’ Overtime Pay Is Affordable and Long Overdue

May 28, 2019. Today the Fiscal Policy Institute released a new report “Farm Workers’ Overtime Pay is Affordable and Long Overdue” which looks at giving farm workers the same rights and protection as other workers, including overtime pay for long hours, would affect farms, farm workers, their local communities and the state. With the end of 2019 legislative session rapidly approaching, the Senate has conducted hearings on The Farmworker Fair Labor Practices Act and attention is now shifting to the Assembly. California, Hawaii, Minnesota, and Maryland already include overtime pay [...]

Income Divide Runs Deep

April 7, 2019. This article exposes the state's income gap problem by focusing on Saratoga County which has the distinction of being the fastest growing county but also the one with the greatest income disparity Upstate. Prompted by the Economic Policy Institutes's report "The New Gilded Age," the author Wendy Liberatore quotes their data, checks in with local community homeless and housing providers, and the Rev. Peter Cook, Executive Director for the New York Council of Churches, who detail the hardships that accompany the income disparity. [...]

Letter: Research Shows Higher Minimum Wage Good for Jobs

February 1, 2019. In a short rebuttal in regards to the minimum wage and whether it will negatively impact businesses, the author cites several studies that support the economic viability of enacting a higher minimum wage. In one research study, Dube, Lester, and Reich in a study “Minimum Wage Effect Across State Borders,” studied the effect of one state raising minimum wages while a bordering state did not raise its minimum wages and found no adverse effect on employment. A study by the Fiscal Policy Institute [...]

A Sitcom About The Endangered Path to the Middle Class

January 1, 2018. This article discusses the sitcom, “Kim’s Convenience,” which is a realistic portrayal of the life of immigrants. The article goes on to discuss how the show takes place in Canada and is based on the life of the Kim family who arrived in the country with no language skills, business connections and educational credentials, and they did what so many immigrants in the U.S. and Canada do in real life, start a business. The author highlights that the sitcom is not like so many [...]

Op-Ed: Don’t Jump After Janus: Why Public Workers Should Stick With Their Unions

June 28, 2018. The following op-ed about the Supreme Court ruling on Janus vs. AFSCME written by FPI's senior economist, Brent Kramer; deputy director, David Kallick; and chief economist, Jonas Shaende, was featured in the NY Daily News.  The recent Supreme Court ruling in Janus vs. AFSCME poses a real threat to public sector unions. Traditionally, in New York — as in many other states — everyone covered by a union contract was required to pay either dues or an “agency fee” to support the union’s [...]

Brief: Strong Public Employees’ Unions in New York: Better Pay, Benefits, and Working Conditions for All 

June 27, 2018. By: Brent Kramer, David Dyssegaard Kallick, and Jonas Shaende The Supreme Court’s ruling today about public sector unions puts a significant new barrier in front of unions around the country. Traditionally, in New York—as in many other states—everyone covered by a union contract was required to pay either dues or an “agency fee” to support the union’s work on behalf of all employees. In the Janus decision, the Supreme Court ruled that public-sector employees can’t be compelled to pay for the union’s [...]

Paid Sick Leave is a Good Thing

June 21, 2018. This article discusses the benefits of paid sick leave and how Albany county government can work on expanding paid leave benefits to more county workers. While many employers in Albany County do offer paid sick leave, about 40 percent of employees living in Albany County do not get even a single day of paid sick leave, according to Ron Deutsch, executive director of the Fiscal Policy Institute, based in Albany. First, there is a need for paid sick days in Albany County. [...]

Congresswoman Velázquez Joins Service Providers In Rally Monday To Oppose Trump Budget Cuts

April 29, 2018. Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez and a state-based coalition of diverse service providers met on  Monday on the steps of City Hall in New York to denounce the proposed budget cuts by the Trump administration. The coalition submitted a letter on behalf of nearly 80 service providers asking members of Congress to fully fund these programs and defend them from budget cuts. The coalition includes FPWA, Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New York, Fiscal Policy Institute, Human Services Council of New York, United Neighborhood Houses, UJA-Federation of [...]

Watchdog Groups Call for More Transparency to Economic Development

March 28, 2018. Good government groups are staying optimistic about getting the  "database of deals" included in the state budget to bring more transparency to economic development. Both one-house budget bills included some form of the database, which would track the companies getting tax breaks or other benefits, the number of jobs expected, and whether key benchmarks are being met. A lot of that information is already available, but only if you know where to look. And MRCH guests argue that the opaqueness of the [...]

Watchdog Groups Call for the Governor and Legislature to Pass in the Budget a “Database of Deals” Making Business Subsidies Transparent

March 26, 2018. Reinvent Albany, Citizens Budget Commission and Fiscal Policy Institute today called for the Governor and Legislature to pass a “Database of Deals” in this year’s budget. Both houses’ budget bills included a “Database of Deals” (Part KK in A.9508-B and Part LLLL in S.7508-B ) that are very similar and largely track existing legislation introduced by Assembly member Robin Schimminger and Senator Thomas Croci (A.8175 and S.6613-B). A “Database of Deals” will list all state economic development benefits, including grants, loans or [...]

Human Service Workers Renew Call for Wage Funding

March 14, 2018. The Fiscal Policy Instituted participated in a press event with the Strong Nonprofits for a Better New York coalition yesterday morning in the Capitol. The coalition represents more than 350 nonprofits organizations across New York seeking to adequately fund a higher minimum wage and cost-of-living pay adjustments for the state's contracted human services employees. The press event revolved around the inaugural induction of 38 female human service sector workers into its "Human Services Hall of Fame" as well as pushing legislators and Gov. [...]

A Gender-Wage War Cuomo Fails to Fight

By Michelle Jackson, New York Daily News April 20, 2017 Gov. Cuomo recently announced a comprehensive study of New York’s gender wage gap, including at least four public hearings to develop recommendations for tackling this problem. We appreciate the sentiment, but if the governor truly wants to address this issue, he should start in his backyard — by looking at his own policies of setting wages barely above the poverty line for social assistance workers under contract with New York State. Through these contracts, the state [...]

Capitol Pressroom: Subsidies and sluggish Upstate job growth

March 28, 2017. By Alyssa Plock A collaboration of reporting from Investigative Post, ProPublica, and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism shows that despite billions in subsidies, upstate job growth remains sluggish. Today three guests join Susan Arbetter to analyze the subsidy issue: Jim Heaney, Founder, Editor and Executive Director of Investigative Post, Ron Deutsch, Executive Director of the Fiscal Policy Institute, and EJ McMahon, Founder and Research Director of the Empire Center for Public Policy.

Investigative Post: “Job growth across upstate New York remains sluggish despite billions in economic development subsidies”

This is the first part of a series that runs through Thursday. The full lineup of stories, columns and radio interviews can be found here » March 28, 2017 Gov. Andrew Cuomo has sunk a lot of taxpayer money – $25 billion by his estimate – into recharging upstate’s moribund economy. The governor has increased spending on subsidy programs to record levels, launched bold policy initiatives and crisscrossed upstate to announced projects he has frequently described as “game-changers.” “Economic success is shared all across the state. [...]

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