There Are About 11 Million Undocumented Immigrants in the U.S., Not Twice As Many

On July 11, 2019, the Trump Administration released an executive order that requires the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of State, the Social Security Administration and the Department of Health and Human Services to collect citizenship data using administrative records for the federal administration to determine the number of undocumented immigrants in the United States. This executive order was in response to the federal administration’s failed attempt to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census that was blocked by the Supreme Court. In [...]

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Slashing Resettlement Will Hurt Refugees and Hurt New York

Slashing Resettlement Will Hurt Refugees and Hurt New York July, 26, 2019. In 2019, President Trump capped the refugee resettlement program at just 30,000 entries, the lowest it has been since the beginning of the modern refugee resettlement program. If recent news reports are right, the Trump administration is now discussing reducing the cap even further, possibly as far as zero. Refugee resettlement is a humanitarian commitment: refugees are resettled in the United States from some of the most horrific circumstances around the world and [...]

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Media Roundup: FPI Cited Statewide on GreenLight

FPI has the data on the issues that matter to New Yorkers. In February 2019, FPI’s report “Driving Together: Benefits of Allowing All New Yorkers to Apply for Licenses” looked at the effects of allowing all state residents, including undocumented immigrants, to apply for a driver’s license. Until 2003, New York State had allowed residents to apply for driver’s licenses without regard to their immigration status and 12 other states—plus Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico – allowed all residents who passed a driver’s test and [...]

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Refugees Help Revitalize and Strengthen New York Vital to Economic Growth in Areas that Need it Most

For Immediate Release: July 19, 2019 Media Contact: Fern Whyland, Communications Director,, 315-436-0558   Refugees Help Revitalize and Strengthen New York Vital to Economic Growth in Areas that Need it Most   July 19, 2019. (Albany, NY)- News that the Trump Administration is considering radically reducing refugee resettlement should be a jolt to New York’s political leadership. New York elected officials have shown bipartisan support for the resettlement program as being both the right thing to do and good for New York. Years of research by the Fiscal Policy [...]

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Push for driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants intensifies at Capitol

May 5, 2019. This article details the history of this issue and notes that licenses were obtainable in the state prior to a 2001 order stopping the practice prior to Sept. 11 terror attacks. The Fiscal Policy Institute, a left-leaning think tank, earlier this year estimated that 265,000 undocumented immigrants in New York would obtain driver's licenses if the law is changed. It said 64,000 of those are located north of New York City, including 2,500 from the Buffalo area. It said the state and [...]

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Reader’s View: Facts justify ‘Green Light’ driver’s licenses

April 27, 2019. This is an opinion piece written by Terry Diggory, co-coordinator of the Saratoga Immigration Coalition and Julina Guo, staff attorney in the Immigration Law Clinic at The Justice Center at Albany Law School, which lays out the case for allowing all residents to apply for driver's licenses regardless of immigration status. The Fiscal Policy Institute has estimated that Green Light licensing could generate $57 million in combined annual revenue to New York State and county governments, and $26 million in one-time revenue. The [...]

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Advocates note benefits of driver’s licenses for undocumented residents

April 23, 2019. This article covers a forum held on April 23 at Hofstra University where immigrant rights advocates discussed the impacts of allowing all residents, regardless of immigration status, to apply for driver's licenses. Known as Green Light New York, the speakers outlined the measure as both a moral imperative and smart economic policy. Jonas Shaende, chief economist for the Institute, said the measure would generate $57 million in annual revenue for the state, while local governments on Long Island would see $2.6 million [...]

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Saratoga County opposes licenses for undocumented immigrants

April 18, 2019. This article reports that Saratoga county supervisors on Tuesday approved a resolution opposing state legislation that could allow undocumented immigrants to receive driver's licenses. "The board has concerns with the proposed state legislation that would weaken identification requirements for individuals applying for a New York State ID card or driver's license," said Board of Supervisors' Chairman Kevin Tollisen, R-Halfmoon. "The board supports current state law that gives the privilege of a driver's license to those who are here legally as defined by [...]

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Viewpoint: License bill is good for immigrants and for N.Y.

April 17, 2019. This Letter to the Editor points out the benefits of allowing all residents to apply for a driver's license and clarifies why this needed: "A driver's license does not confer immigration status or any other benefit on the immigrant. It simply allows the immigrant to operate a vehicle, increasing revenue for the state and improving safety for all on the road. To withhold driving privileges from immigrants is to essentially deprive them of the ability to obtain food, employment, medical assistance, and [...]

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What if Trump’s war on immigrants is not just cruel and lawless but is a dead end for the economy?

April 14, 2019. This article highlights the link between immigration and economic growth -  "America’s secret sauce that has the potential to foster broad-based prosperity has always been immigration." Quotes David Dysseygaard Kallick, senior fellow with the Fiscal Policy Institute, who wrote about the centrality of immigrants to New York City’s success in his book “One Out of Three: Immigrant New York In The 21st Century”  “The increase in the number and proportion of immigrants in the city has fueled economic growth, filled in neighborhoods that had become underpopulated later [...]

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Immigrants Push for License to Drive

April 11, 2019. This article personalizes the issues facing immigrants without documentation by detailing the problems facing a farm worker in Upstate New York where public transportation and walk-ability makes car transportation a necessity. "Necessity forces us to take a risk," Jiménez said in Spanish as he drove home recently. "We have to work, we have to buy food. Sometimes we get sick and workers like me can't drive to a hospital, can't buy medicine. But I feel I need to take the risk so [...]

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Undocumented Immigrants Push States for Driver’s Licenses: ‘We Have to Work’

April 8, 2019. This article highlights the need for licenses and that "immigrants and their advocates have already gotten access to such licenses in a dozen states including California, Colorado and Illinois, some of them accepting state tax returns as identification. They are now targeting roughly a half-dozen states where they see a friendlier political landscape this year. That includes Wisconsin and New Jersey, where Democratic governors succeeded Republicans, and New York, where Democrats now are in total control of the Legislature." The article points [...]

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Rep. Espaillat endorses New York State measure for driver’s licenses regardless of immigration status

April 8, 2019. This article reports that Rep. Adriano Espaillat, the first Dominican-American member of Congress and himself a former undocumented immigrant, wrote Gov. Cuomo, state Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins and Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie a letter expressing his support to allow the state to issue driver’s licenses to people regardless of their immigration status — including those who are undocumented.. “According to the Fiscal Policy Institute, the influx of one-time driver’s license and vehicle registration fees could bring the state as much as $24 [...]

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Living in Legal Limbo

April 8, 2019. This article personalizes how losing TPS (temporary protected status) will personally impact a NYC family as well as the wider implications for our economy. The U.S economy could also be negatively impacted by the end of TPS and the resulting departure of hundreds of thousands of immigrants, says the Fiscal Policy Institute, a nonprofit organization that studies public policies. New York is home to more than 16,200 TPS holders from El Salvador. They contribute an annual Gross Domestic Product of $958,3 million, according [...]

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New Study Documents Immigrants’ Homeownership in Detroit

April 5, 2019. This article discusses the release of a study by Global Detroit that demonstrates potential for immigrants to help stabilize Detroit neighborhoods through homeownership. The article goes on to highlight that Global Detroit is advocating for investments that would provide immigrants with resources such as financial literacy training to help reduce the barriers of immigrants becoming homeowners, which include less knowledge about credit scores and lower usage of bank accounts. The author goes on to note that the study uses data released by FPI [...]

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