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Media Roundup: The New Hope Budget Goes On Tour, Stops in Saratoga Springs, Port Jervis, and Binghamton, and Calls for State Reforms

February 21, 2018. The New Hope Budget coalition is a group of advocates across the state calling on lawmakers to adopt a "morally responsible" state budget that addresses the ever-widening gap between the "haves and have-nots." The coalition calls for taxing the wealthy, raising the two percent state spending cap, reducing local property taxes, and campaign finance reform among other socioeconomic issues. The coalition is currently on a 13-stop statewide tour, meeting with community members and state legislatures. This week, the group was in Saratoga Springs, [...]

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New Hope Budget Tour: Coalition Visits Ithaca to Build Support for a Just State Budget

February 21, 2019. Continuing on their 13 stop tour across New York, the New Hope Budget advocates stopped in Ithaca to discuss a state budget that levels the playing field for all New Yorkers. "A budget is a moral document when you think about it. A budget is about priorities," Ron Deutsch, executive director of the Fiscal Policy Institute, said to an audience including Tompkins County legislators and members of various political, labor and religious organizations. Find the article about the stop in Ithaca at the [...]

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Press Release: Patriotic Millionaires and Advocates Call Upon State to Raise Revenues from the Wealthy to Support Critical Services

For Immediate Release: February 12, 2019 Media Contact: communications@fiscalpolicy.org, 518-786-3156   Patriotic Millionaires and Advocates Call Upon State to Raise Revenues from the Wealthy to Support Critical Services Albany, NY.  Patriotic Millionaires Chairman Morris Pearl joined numerous organizations from across the state outside the Joint Legislative Hearing on Taxes, to urge our elected officials to raise additional revenues by asking the wealthiest New Yorkers to pay a little more. Far too many New Yorkers have been left behind in this economic recovery, while the number of [...]

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New York’s Pathway to Shared Prosperity: Economic and Fiscal Outlook for FY 2020

February 12th, 2019.  The Fiscal Policy Institute released its 29th annual New York State budget briefing book, New York's Pathway to Shared Prosperity: Economic and Fiscal Outlook for FY 2020. FPI's budget briefing book analyzes the Governor's FY 2020 Executive Budget and makes policy recommendations that would benefit all New Yorkers in the areas of taxes, human services, immigration, education, and more.   You can find the sections of the report below: Policy Recommendations Financial Plan and Income Inequality Local Government Economic Development Human [...]

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Press Release: Statewide Coalition Urges State Leaders to Adopt New Hope Budget for All of New York

For Immediate Release: December 18, 2018 Media Contacts: Peter Cook, Executive Director, New York State Council of Churches - 508.380.8289 Ron Deutsch, Executive Director, FPI - 518.469.6769 Michael Kink, Executive Director, Strong Economy for All Coalition 518.527.2787 Statewide Coalition Urges State Leaders to Adopt New Hope Budget for All of New York  The New Hope Budget Albany, NY –   Representatives from organizations across the state unveiled a set of principles which address the cries of far too many New Yorkers who have been left behind in [...]

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Cuomo’s $10B Economy ‘Boost’ Results in Broken Promises

July 15, 2018. Since the Governor took office in 2011, the spending for economic development has increased significantly with dubious results. Several projects, which include the $15 Central New York Film Hub outside Syracuse and the Buffalo Billion revitalization plan, among others, have failed considerably and only exposed the major corruption in New York state government. With the outcome of the bid-rigging trial of Alain Kaloyeros hanging over our state government and a failure to pass accountability and transparency legislation during the legislative session, it is suffice [...]

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Lt. Governor Candidate Williams Lays Out Fiscal Plan

May 3, 2018. Jumaane Williams, the New York City councilman and progressive activist who's seeking to unseat Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul in September's primary, wants the state to end Gov. Andrew Cuomo's 2 percent spending cap and increase taxes on the rich. Williams suggested a number of new taxes or fees targeting the state's wealthiest residents to generate an estimated $20 billion in new revenue to fund education, transportation, environmental remediation, public housing and health care. The Fiscal Policy has long pushed to increase taxes on [...]

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Nixon Opposes Cuomo’s 2% State Spending, Property Tax Caps

April 28, 2018. Newly endorsed Working Families Parties candidate for New York governor, Cynthia Nixon, discusses how the state's two percent spending cap and two percent spending property tax cap causes problems for education and government services. She says that the two percent spending cap shrinks the budget every year, causing major impacts to public education and local governments in the form of budget cuts. Frank Mauro, former executive director of the Fiscal Policy Institute, along with several other organizations, comments that the two percent cap [...]

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Watchdog Groups Call for More Transparency to Economic Development

March 28, 2018. Good government groups are staying optimistic about getting the  "database of deals" included in the state budget to bring more transparency to economic development. Both one-house budget bills included some form of the database, which would track the companies getting tax breaks or other benefits, the number of jobs expected, and whether key benchmarks are being met. A lot of that information is already available, but only if you know where to look. And MRCH guests argue that the opaqueness of the [...]

As State Budget Deadline Nears, Some Items May Fall off the Table

March 27, 2018. A measure to crack down on sexual harassment in government and the private sector appeared to remain in the 2018-19 budget package on Monday, while several other high-profile initiatives may be put aside and addressed after the April 1 deadline, according to legislative staffers and others close to the budget talks. Also staying in place is a wide-ranging plan to allow employers to increase payroll taxes they pay – which would help employees deal with the new $10,000 limit on federal deductibility [...]

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NYS Tax Reform for Fiscal 2019 – Let’s Take Our Time and Get It Right

Jonas J.N. Shaende, PhD, Fiscal Policy Institute March 26, 2018 Governor Cuomo released his 30-day amendments to the Executive Budget where he outlined his plan for the state’s tax system redesign in response to the tax changes at the federal level. The state legislature – both the Assembly and the Senate – reviewed the plan and supplied their respective amendments to the Executive Budget proposal. The direction taken by the governor is a good one, however, the set of solutions being discussed and the process [...]

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Watchdog Groups Call for the Governor and Legislature to Pass in the Budget a “Database of Deals” Making Business Subsidies Transparent

March 26, 2018. Reinvent Albany, Citizens Budget Commission and Fiscal Policy Institute today called for the Governor and Legislature to pass a “Database of Deals” in this year’s budget. Both houses’ budget bills included a “Database of Deals” (Part KK in A.9508-B and Part LLLL in S.7508-B ) that are very similar and largely track existing legislation introduced by Assembly member Robin Schimminger and Senator Thomas Croci (A.8175 and S.6613-B). A “Database of Deals” will list all state economic development benefits, including grants, loans or [...]

2018 State Budget Briefing in NYC

On Wednesday morning, February 28, 2018, the Fiscal Policy Institute will present its 28th annual budget briefing, co-sponsored by the Community Service Society, 633 Third Avenue - the forum will be held on the 16th floor in the Retro Report conference room. Light refreshments and check-in will begin at 9:00 a.m. Our presentation begins at 9:20 a.m. and ends at 10:30 a.m. We hope that you and/or your colleagues will be able to join us for what we are confident will be a useful and informative session. The briefing [...]

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