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New York lawmakers propose tax increases on the rich. Here’s who would pay up

The New York State Senate passed its one-house budget resolution which includes raising the tax rate on those earning over $1 million a year. The Assembly supports this tax reform as well. "Big challenges require bold action and demand a combination of transformative vision and concrete commonsense response," said Jonas Shaende, chief economist for the Fiscal Policy Institute, a liberal think tank in Albany.  "The Legislature’s proposals show their willingness to consider a broad array of measures to ensure New Yorkers’ health and well-being." Read the Gannett article which appears in lohud and [...]

Tax opponents wonder if they still can count on Gov. Cuomo

As the state budget process progresses, both houses released their one-house budget proposals which include increased taxes for top earners and corporations. Critics contend these tax reforms are not needed due to federal aid. Advocates point out the long-standing need for tax reform to set the state on the right course. "The legislature’s proposals recognize the need for support to ensure all New Yorkers can live, work, access health care, and receive a sound education," the labor-backed Fiscal Policy Institute said. Read the Newsday article [...]

Fiscal Policy Institute on One-House Budgets 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 15, 2021   Media Contact:, 518-786-3156   Fiscal Policy Institute on One-House Budgets  (Albany, NY) Today the New York State Senate and Assembly released their one-house budgets as New York continues grappling with the pandemic. With the annual April 1st deadline fast approaching, today’s action sustains hope for a responsive budget process that can meet all New Yorkers' needs. The Legislature’s proposals recognize the need for support to ensure all New Yorkers can live, work, access health care, and receive a sound education. With the pandemic underscoring how [...]

EITC Helps Workers, Their Families, Communities and the State

Our state’s Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is a proven program that working New Yorkers rely on. The EITC keeps more money in workers’ pockets, providing more money to spend on essentials like food, transportation, housing, education, and child care. The EITC provides critical support for workers, their families, local economies, and the state! Before the pandemic, far too many New Yorkers were unable to earn a stable and sufficient income through work. This problem persisted despite the recent increases to our state’s minimum wage. [...]

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Public Testimony Integral to New York’s State Budget Process

New York State’s constitution requires the governor to provide the state legislature with a yearly balanced budget proposal including the necessary appropriation bills and legislation. The Legislature reviews the proposed executive budget and offers changes or modifications and enacts the state budget. As is customary, Governor Cuomo presented his proposed Executive Budget for FY 21-22 in January which was followed by a review and analysis from both legislative houses. The Assembly Ways and Means Committee’s Review and Analysis of the 2021-22 Executive Budget is known [...]

Memo of Support: S.537/A.2533 (EITC)

Memorandum of Support S.537 (Kaplan)/A.2533 (Fahy) Provides for the advance payment of the earned income tax credit to qualifying employees.  The Fiscal Policy Institute (FPI) supports S.537/A.2533 to help create a more equitable state tax code for working New Yorkers.  This legislation would update New York State’s Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) to address the economic needs of New York State residents who work part-time and who work for low wages. Throughout the state, hundreds of thousands of workers are unable to claim the credit due to exclusions in the [...]

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New York’s Pandemic State Budget: Recovering and Reimagining

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 10, 2021 Media Contact:, 518-786-3156 ***VIDEO link below***   New York's Pandemic State Budget: Recovering and Reimagining  Fiscal Policy Institute's Recommendations for the FY 2022 State Budget    Read the report: "Economic and Fiscal Outlook 2022: New York Recovering and Reimagining"  Watch the video: Fiscal Policy Institute's Annual State Budget Presentation 2021 (Albany, NY) Today the Fiscal Policy Institute (FPI) released a 30-minute video highlighting its report "New York State's Pandemic Budget: Recovering and Reimagining." FPI urges a bold vision in crafting the FY [...]

FPI’s Presentation on the Proposed Executive Budget for FY 2022

Our state budget helps determine the future for every New Yorker. This year the stakes are exceptionally high as the pandemic continues to imperil our health and financial well-being. Will the choices we make crafting our state budget reduce inequality, or will the gap continue to widen? FPI took a look at the proposed New York State Executive Budget and offered actions to create a more just New York for all.  Watch our 30-minute video overview and read the report "Economic and Fiscal Outlook 2022: New York Recovering and Reimagining" to learn more.   [...]

Tax Revenue Keeps States Running

December 21, 2020  New York, like every other state, relies on tax revenue to provide stable funding for necessary public services. The COVID-19 pandemic has been particularly damaging to the state and local governments’ budgets as the necessary mitigation measures have continued to curtail business activity, which in turn depressed tax revenues. Among the most impacted industries are hospitality, tourism, and leisure sectors that employ many low-skilled and immigrant workers. When many workers permanently lose their jobs, the impact is both local and statewide. As [...]

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Generating State Revenue Essential for Post-Pandemic Recovery

Billionaire Mark-to-Market Tax Can Raise Over $5.5 Billion To Help Keep New York State Running New York can and must do more to address its budget crisis than wait for federal relief. While the economy has taken a hit, the state can raise enough tax revenue to avoid catastrophic budget cuts—to education, health care, and other crucial services—and add new programs to combat the coronavirus recession by helping those most in need. The Fiscal Policy Institute’s latest report explains how a new type of tax [...]

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Memo of Support: The Billionaire Mark-to-Market Tax Act

The Fiscal Policy Institute strongly supports the Billionaire Mark-to-Market Tax Act (S8277/A10414) that is expected to raise additional revenue for New York State to be used for multiple purposes, including supporting a fund that would provide weekly financial assistance to workers otherwise excluded from New York State Unemployment Insurance. Download the PDF.

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Tax Justice NY and the Unequal State of NY in the News

December 10, 2019 Heading toward New York State's 2020 legislative session, with concern rising over a projected budget deficit and the needs of residents, FPI held an event exploring the issue and released a report that revealing that our state leads the nation as having the most unequal distribution of income. Not since the so called “gilded age” of the 1920’s has there been such a vast divide between the highest- and lowest-income New Yorkers. The report finds that the top 1% of all New [...]

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Legislators & Advocates Call for Working Family Tax Credits to Fight Childhood Poverty

On many levels, New York is an affluent state with high median incomes, quality schools, and prosperous corporations, but as the United Way reports, 45 percent of households in NYS cannot afford basic necessities.  As evidenced by the United Way of New York’s comprehensive, data-driven ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) report, relying on the federal poverty guidelines is a poor measure – it is clear that while struggling working families may be above the poverty line, they are far from secure. On May 30th, [...]

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Press Release: Legislators & Advocates Call for Working Family Tax Credits to Fight Childhood Poverty

Strengthening the Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Care Credit Boosts New York’s Working Families PRESS RELEASE  For Immediate Release:  May 30, 2019 Contact: Dede Hill, Director of Policy, Schuyler Center for Analysis and Advocacy (518) 879-6616 / Pete Nabozny, The Children’s Agenda (518) 929-1264 / Legislators & Advocates Call for Working Family Tax Credits to Fight Childhood Poverty Strengthening the Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Care Credit Boosts New York’s Working Families (Albany, NY) On many levels, New York is an [...]

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N.Y. Had a Plan for a ‘Pied-à-Terre’ Tax on Expensive Homes. The Real Estate Industry Stopped It

April 2, 2019. This article discusses New York State lawmakers' opposition to a pied-a-tierre tax and their support for a real estate transfer tax. The article goes on to discuss lobbyists who argued that a pied-a-tierre tax would cause the high-end market to collapse due to the recurring surcharge. According to the article, lawmakers want to implement a real estate transfer tax that would require a one-time fee on all real estate transactions over $3 million. When state leaders rallied this month behind a proposal to tax [...]

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