Undocumented Immigrants Could Get Driving License in New York

April 19, 2018. On April 18, 2018, advocacy groups protested for the Driver License Access and Privacy Act, which would allow undocumented immigrants to obtain driver's licenses in New York and would also protect their information to prevent putting them at risk for deportation. A bill for driver's licenses for undocumented immigrants has been proposed for many years and supporters say that now is the time for it to pass. This article cited FPI's report, Expanding Access to Driver's Licenses. One of the hurdles faced [...]

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America’s Immigrants Are a Source of Strength, Dignity and Pride

February 26, 2018. In this article the author, Clarence Hightower, argues that immigrants are who made America what it is today. He discusses the present contributions of immigrants to the U.S. by citing research, including FPI’s, which shows that immigrants are highly educated, very likely to be business owners, are homeowners, and their children are less likely to be involved in the criminal justice system. He goes on to draw attention to the demonizing actions and rhetoric from the federal administration surrounding the decisions to [...]

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My View: Let Lady Liberty’s words be our policy

February 23, 2018. In this op-ed the author, Sandy Mcpherson Carrubba Geary, discusses her view on immigration, which is that America should live up to its poem that is engraved on the Statue of Liberty and to continue to allow refugees and immigrants migrate to the United States. She goes on to discuss how her family sponsored a Vietnamese family who spent time in a refugee camp and that they became very successful in the U.S. Geary explains that their family moved to Texas and [...]

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This Town’s Comeback May Be Squelched by Anti-Immigrant Policies

February 14, 2018. This article by the Blue Mountain Center featured on their website, discusses how the Trump administration's immigration policies may actually hurt upstate cities like Utica, who has seen positive growth and prosperity since resettling refugees. It discusses how refugees have helped reverse population decline in Utica, they have opened businesses, helped spur urban revitalization, have added to the workforce, purchased homes and have become active members of the community. The article goes on to talk about the great life enhancing and integration [...]

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Continuing New York’s Legacy of Providing Health Care Coverage to Immigrants

February 9, 2018. New York State has a long and proud history of trailblazing innovative policies that expand access to healthcare coverage to all its residents. From developing and establishing the nation's first comprehensive health insurance program for children to the launch of the New York State of Health Marketplace under the Affordable Care Act, New York has often been a national leader in expanding access to quality affordable health coverage. In the midst of federal attacks against immigrants, Governor Cuomo recently announced that recipients [...]

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Editorial: Buffalo Relies on Immigration

February 8, 2018. An editorial in The Buffalo News discusses the impact of the federal administration's cut to legal immigration and "chain migration" in Buffalo. Although the Trump Administration has created a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers, he is hurting upstate cities like Buffalo by cutting legal migration. Buffalo was already hurt by the cut in refugee resettlement. Immigrants will only be able to bring their children and spouses to the U.S., not other family members. The editorial goes on to discuss how immigrants and refugees [...]

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Making Facts Matter: Immigration Messaging Webinar

February 1, 2018. A webinar on how to understand and talk with audiences about the economics of immigration, featuring: David Dyssegaard Kallick, Fiscal Policy Institute Marisa Gerstein Pineau, FrameWorks Institute Andrew Lim, New American Economy Linda Fleener, Illinois Immigrant Business Coalition Denzil Mohammed, The Immigrant Learning Center Public Education Institute Sponsored by the Immigrant Learning Center and the Public Education Institute. The FPI powerpoint used for the discussion is available by clicking here. The best way to view it is by clicking from slide to [...]

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D.A.: Fear Rising Among Immigrant Witnesses to Crimes

February 2, 2018. This article discusses the fear among immigrants, who are witnesses to crimes, to come forward and work with the justice system due to the increased anti-immigrant rhetoric from the federal administration. Silvia Finkelstein, director of immigrant affairs for the Nassau County district attorney, has seen the reports of immigrant-related crimes decrease substantially, from 60 calls in 2016 to 3 calls in 2017. The author goes on to discuss Finkelstein's presentation where she discussed the economic contributions of immigrants, both documented and undocumented, to [...]

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Termination of TPS Hurts Families and The Economy

Termination of TPS Hurts Families and The Economy 26,000 At Risk in New York On January 8, 2018, the Trump administration announced that it would be terminating Temporary Protective Status (TPS) for individuals from El Salvador, and that these recipients have until September 9 to obtain another legal status or return to their country of birth. This follows a chain of terminations of other TPS statuses including Haiti, Sudan, and Nicaragua, while Honduras’s status is still under consideration. TPS provides protection from deportation and work [...]

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Drop in Refugee Resettlement Could Affect Syracuse Economy

January 30, 2018. This article discusses the economic impacts that the cut in refugee resettlement could have on the upstate city, Syracuse, New York. Refugees have helped reverse population decline, added to the labor force, opened businesses, revamped vacant property and contributed to local and state taxes. Refugees have higher labor force participation rate than U.S.-born (workers),” said Cyierra Roldan, a policy analyst at the Fiscal Policy Institute. “They are filling open jobs, adding workforce.” Roldan added that refugees are saving the homes of Syracuse by [...]

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How Trump’s Immigration Plan Could Impact Buffalo

January 29, 2018. This article discusses the impacts of Trump administration's decision on a policy to replace the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and the cut to legal immigration and the family reunification immigration policy, also known as "chain migration." The Trump administration wants to change to a skill-based immigration system. The article outlines the devastating effects that upstate cities such as Buffalo, and other rustbelt cities will endure. These include farmworker labor shortages for farms who use seasonal immigrant workers, population decline and a [...]

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Immigrants Are Part of Our Economic Growth

Blame Congress, Not Immigrants, If America's Taxes Don’t Pay for Our Expenses December 25, 2018. Recently, put up a post on its web site claiming that immigration results in "$300 billion annually in net fiscal costs on U.S. taxpayers.” As I said in talking with PolitiFact, this is just sophistry. The United States has been running a deficit for years. So, by definition, all Americans have a bigger net cost than contribution - 1st generation immigrants, 2nd generation immigrants, and those of us who have been here [...]

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Do Immigrants Cost U.S. Taxpayers $300 Billion Annually?

January 24, 2018. The Trump administration argues that "chain migration" is bad for the United States, and that immigrants should be admitted based upon their skills. This article looks into the administration's claim that "current immigration policy imposes as much as $300 billion annually in net fiscal costs on U.S. taxpayers," that was found in the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine report. Politifact found that although this finding is accurately cited from the the NAS report, the Trump administration left out details that [...]

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The President Needs A Lesson: Compassion 101

January 22, 2018. In this column, the author, Andrew Atkins, describes the time that he received a card from a colleague, who is an immigrant from  Rawanda. This card thanked him for his contributions to the staff. The author highlights that his colleague, who fled he genocide in Rwanda, feels safe and welcomed in America and that he demonstrates acts of empathy, compassion and kindness regardless of the demeaning rhetoric about immigrants coming from the federal administration. The author goes on to state that President Trump [...]

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Immigrants in the 13th Congressional District

January 18, 2018. In the current political context, a number of members of congress are thinking about immigration even more than they usually do. To inform the discussion, FPI occasionally provides information about the residents of different congressional districts. Here is a little bit of background on the 13th Congressional District located in New York City, which includes upper Manhattan and a part of the Bronx. There are 3.1 million immigrants living in New York City, and 280,000 in the 13th Congressional District. The immigrant [...]

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