Casualty of Chaos: The Cost of Albany’s Inaction on Jobless Benefits

July 2, 2009. Albany inaction costs jobless New Yorkers $267 million. A potent tool for fighting downturn, unemployment benefits deliver economic stimulus where it’s most needed. But New York’s jobless benefit has been frozen since 2000, and now lags behind dozens of states. This report from FPI and the National Employment Law Project shows that upstate counties have been hurt the most by the legislature’s failure to increase unemployment benefits.

Federal minimum wage boost affects 123,000 New Yorkers – but only slightly

July 23, 2009. On July 24, an estimated 123,000 New York workers will benefit when the minimum wage rises from the state’s minimum of $7.15 an hour to the new federal minimum of $7.25 an hour. The minimum wage in New York will still lag that in 13 other states and the District of Columbia. And, a full-time worker will still not earn enough to keep a family of three out of poverty. Press release with data >>

EPI updates Issue Guide on Minimum Wage

July 21, 2009. The Economic Policy Institute has released an updated Minimum Wage Issue Guide. Also see Key EPI publications and other minimum wage resources.

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