Oversight: New York City Poverty 2010 – A Look at the Impact of the Recession on Communities, People, and the Administration’s Poverty Reduction Plan

October 28, 2010. Testimony presented by James Parrott before the New York City Council Committee on Community Development.

Background on the Economists Selected by the New York City Economic Development Corporation for Its Living Wage Study

October 27, 2010. City policymakers deserve the benefit of a rigorous study that looks at the actual costs and benefits of extending living wage standards to subsidized development projects. This brief looks at the track record of the lead economist, David Neumark, for the management consulting firm selected by the New York City Economic Development Corporation to conduct a study of the possible economic impact of wage requirements on projects subsidized by the City. The brief examines the extensive criticism of Neumark’s past labor market analyses and calls for an external review panel of prominent economists to provide critical feedback on the EDC living wage study.

High unemployment persists, but New York has not fared as badly as most states in the downturn

October 22, 2010. A new report from the U.S. Department of Labor shows that from the start of the national recession through September 2010, New York’s 3.3 percent total job loss ranked it 39th among all states. New Yorkers have certainly not been spared the recession’s devastating effects; however, New York was hit less hard than most parts of the country. Still, there were 800,000 New Yorkers officially unemployed in September, a number nearly 75 percent higher than when the recession began in New York in the spring of 2008. State and local government job losses far exceed losses in other sectors this year. Release with state rankings >>

David Callahan: Fortunes of Change

October 14, 2010. This edition of The People’s Business featured an interview with David Callahan about his new book, “Fortunes of Change: The Rise of the Liberal Rich and the Remaking of America.” David is a co-founder of Demos and now leads its international program.

Stiglitz calls for a second stimulus at FPI event

October 8, 2010. FPI presented its Frances Perkins Working People’s award to Nobel economist Joseph Stiglitz at an event in Manhattan on October 7. In his acceptance remarks, Stiglitz made a strong case for additional economic stimulus to put the country firmly on the road to recovery. A good summary of Stiglitz’s remarks by Kathy Brady of the New York City Employment and Training Coalition is available in the October 8 edition of NYCETC’s newsletter, the NYC Workforce Weekly. Article >>

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