Raising New York State’s Minimum Wage

April 23, 2012. Testimony presented to the New York Assembly Labor Committee by James A. Parrott. Ten reasons: (1) to restore the minimum wage’s lost purchasing power, (2) to raise New York’s wage floor, (3) to help low-income families. And because it (4) won’t reduce employment, or (5) hurt taxpayers. But, it will (6) boost the economy (and jobs), (7) complement the EITC, and (8) reduce burgeoning income inequality. Increasing the minimum wage will (9) restore New York’s leadership on progressive issues and (10) combat the depressive impact of high unemployment.

Increasing New York State’s Minimum Wage

April 18, 2012. Testimony presented at the New York Senate Democratic Conference’s public forum by Frank J. Mauro.

Testimony on the importance of libraries to integrating immigrants

April 16, 2012. Before a New York City Council hearing about the impact of Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed budget cuts to libraries, FPI’s David Dyssegaard Kallick stressed the important role libraries play in helping to integrate immigrants into the social and economic fabric of New York City. Testimony >>

New York state keeps its welfare promise – sort of

April 1, 2012. An op ed by Carolyn Boldiston, Poughkeepsie Journal.

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