Tax & Budget

House GOP Tax Cuts Ignore Crucial Funding

May 4, 2006. A letter to the editor by FPI Senior Economist Trudi Renwick, commenting on a Times Union editorial (April 19, 2006) on tax cuts being considered by Congress.… (read more)

Over $1 Billion in TANF Block Grant Funds Trapped in Budget Limbo

May 3, 2006. Groups call upon the Governor to adopt the legislature’s bi-partisan agreement on use of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families funds. Joint release from New Yorkers for Fiscal Fairness, the Fiscal Policy Institute, the Hunger Action Network of New York State and the Empire Justice Center:

Advocates for Low-Income New Yorkers held a press conference today at the Legislative Office Building to urge Governor Pataki to stop playing politics with over $1 billion in federal Temporary Assistance to … (read more)

House of Representatives’ proposed FY 2007 budget plan calls for large cuts in domestic programs while increasing the federal budget deficit

April 3, 2006. Press release:

House Budget Calls for Large Cuts in Domestic Programs and Would Worsen Deficit

Program Cuts Even Larger Than Those Proposed by President or Senate, Yet Would Be Offset by Tax Cuts and Added Defense-Related Spending

The five-year budget plan approved on Wednesday, March 29, 2006, by the US House of Representatives’ Budget Committee is badly out of step with both America’s needs and Americans’ concerns for fiscal responsibility and adequate funding of critical services.

Both … (read more)

Who Pays the Individual AMT

March 22, 2006.  State by state estimates from the Citizens for Tax Justice.… (read more)

Millionaires Urge Legislature to Keep Estate Tax

March 20, 2006. Forty-six wealthy New Yorkers placed a full-page ad in the March 20, 2006, Legislative Gazette calling for New York State to keep its estate tax. In their open letter to the members of the State Legislature, the millionaires said that keeping the estate tax is essential to New York having a fair tax system.… (read more)

A New York Perspective on Public-Private Partnerships

March 8, 2006. A presentation prepared for “Partnerships for New York – Innovative Transportation Financing and Contracting Strategies: Opportunities for New York State,” a NYS Department of Transportation symposium. More: press release from DOT.… (read more)

Presentation by Trudi Renwick before the New York State Economic and Revenue Forecasting Conference

March 1, 2006. Presentation >>(read more)

Balancing Revenues, Expenditures and Human Needs in a Troubled Time

February 15, 2006. Testimony of Frank J. Mauro, Executive Director, Fiscal Policy Institute, presented to the Joint Budget Hearing on Economic Development and Taxes before the Assembly Ways and Means and Senate Finance Committees.

The centerpiece of the 2006-07 Executive Budget is a return to the pre-2001 practice of enacting large multi-year, backloaded tax cuts.   The myriad of tax reductions being proposed by the Governor would reduce state revenues by about $1 billion in 2006-07.  But because the proposed tax … (read more)

New York City 2006 Budget and Economic Outlook

February 9, 2006. Presentation by FPI Deputy Director and Chief Economist James Parrott. Presentation >>(read more)

Balancing New York State’s 2006-2007 Budget in an Economically Sensible Manner

January 31, 2006. The Fiscal Policy Institute’s analysis of Governor George E. Pataki’s Executive Budget and alternative approaches to balancing New York State’s 2006-2007 budget. (See pages 28, 29 and 42 through 57 for analysis of school funding issues.) Briefing book on the 2006-2007 executive budget >>(read more)