Op eds, columns and letters

Fiscal Reality: Practical options for New York’s budget

January 3, 2011. An op ed by James Parrott, The Clarion. A balanced approach to balancing the state budget includes identifying additional revenues – not just cutting critical services – particularly at a time when need has been elevated by the lingering recession. Government spending is inextricably tied to prospects for economic recovery. Steep cuts will worsen unemployment.… (read more)

Across the state, socioeconomic disparities need to be reduced

January 2, 2011. An op ed by Frank Mauro, Albany Times Union.… (read more)

City Poverty Rate Jumped as the Economy Slumped

September 27, 2010. An article by James Parrott, FPI’s deputy director and chief economist, who writes regularly for Gotham Gazette’s Economy section. Article >>(read more)

True/False: Public Employees Have Too Many Benefits

September 21, 2010. In this installment of “Wonk Wars,” FPI’s James Parrott discusses labor compensation with the Manhattan Institute’s Steve Malanga. On the web >> and on the air >>(read more)

Looking to a National Recovery

August 30, 2010. An op ed by James Parrott, New York Times. Part of “Room for Debate” – How Healthy Is New York City’s Economy?(read more)

Stingy on Stimulants

August 8, 2010. A letter to the editor by James Parrott, Crain’s New York Business.… (read more)

Pay more

July 11, 2010.  A letter to the editor by James Parrott, Crain’s New York Business.… (read more)

Measuring New York City’s Wage Adequacy

July 8, 2010. FPI’s Michele Mattingly blogs in the Huffington Post, pointing to “a stark future for the city if most of its largest occupations do not pay median wages that allow an adult employed full-time to meet basic needs, let alone to support a family … too many of New York’s jobs simply do not pay enough for workers to raise themselves and their families to a modest standard of living.”… (read more)

Strike a Fairer Balance In Balancing City Budget: Trim Hedge Funds, Not Services

June 18, 2010. An op ed by James A. Parrott, The Chief.… (read more)

Is the recession over in New York?

May 10, 2010. Despite the fact that job numbers are up, unemployment is down, and gross domestic product has increased for three quarters – by the measures that matter, this recession has been worse for New York workers. Wages fell more sharply in this recession than in the two previous. Joblessness has more than doubled. At this point, 400,000 jobs are needed to return NYC unemployment to pre-recession levels. Also see Severe Recession Hangs on in Much of the City(read more)