The Fiscal Policy Institute stands in solidarity with protesters voicing outrage over the recent murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, and the long history of violent abuse and killing of Black people at the hands of police in city after city, town after town, year after year.

Black lives matter. Yet the history of racism built into our society actively harms Black people. We must do better for our state and our nation.

In our research at the Fiscal Policy Institute, we consistently see the historic inequities embedded in our lives, including in housing, education, employment, health care, labor laws, childcare, banking, and taxes. Today, we are committing ourselves to be more explicit in shining a light on race inequality in New York and to spell out how policies that result in a disparate racial impact reinforce systemic racism. We will redouble our efforts to work with advocacy and community partners and continue to contribute to a racially inclusive vision through research, advocacy, engagement, and collaboration.

The Fiscal Policy Institute is also determined as an organization to look deeply inward to question, dig, learn, and unlearn with our hearts and minds fixed on liberty. We dedicate ourselves to recognizing, unraveling, and changing the course of the legacy of slavery and racism. Through this introspective process, we will continue to build an organizational culture that fully reflects our internal core values.

The Fiscal Policy Institute looks forward to working with others on this journey and to help keep a light shining as many of us fight to oppose systemic racism and abusive policing. Our goal is to create a state in which all New Yorkers have the same rights and opportunities to safely raise a family, earn a living wage, achieve educational goals, and prosper.

FPI Staff: Lorraine Charboneau, Cara Long Corra, Ron Deutsch, David Dyssegaard, Kallick, Brent Kramer, Cyierra Roldan, Shamier Settle, Jonas Shaende, Fern Whyland, Ke Zeng