April 7, 2017. An article highlighting a protest against an immigration crackdown on Tom Cat Bakery, located in Long Island, that was threatened with criminal charges if they continued to hire workers with out proper working credentials, quoted FPI’s data. This data came from FPI’s Working for a Better Life report.

Immigrant food workers will march on Trump Tower Saturday to protest an immigration crackdown on Long Island City’s Tom Cat Bakery, whose baguettes are served by top restaurants around the city.

Elected officials including Comptroller Scott Stringer will join unions and immigrant advocacy groups for an expected 1,000-person march in front of President Donald Trump’s Manhattan home, led by 31 workers anticipating a mass firing. The Trump administration has set an April 21 deadline for them to produce work authorization papers.

Immigrants make up a major part of the city’s food-producing workforce, including 72% of all cooks and 63% of all food preparers, according to a Fiscal Policy Institute report. Nearly half of the city’s 1.4 million noncitizen immigrants are estimated to be undocumented, and 525,000 undocumented people are in the city’s labor force, FPI estimates.

“Tom Cat is doing everything reasonably possible within the confines of the law to cooperate with the union and their representatives for the sake of preserving as many jobs as possible for all members of the Tom Cat family,” he said.

Here is the link to Crain’s New York Business.