April 5, 2017. In an article describing the tax contributions of undocumented immigrants in the Daily KOS, it cites FPI and ITEP’s co-released report on undocumented immigrants tax contributions in New York State as well as quotes FPI’s David Dyssegaard Kallick. The article argues that President Trump had undocumented workers help build Trump Towers but now demonizes them despite their contributions to the economy.

“Look at undocumented immigrants keeping New York great:

Undocumented immigrants contribute about $40 billion a year to New York state’s gross domestic product, according to a new report.

Unauthorized immigrants are about 5 percent of the labor force in the state, are responsible for 3 percent of the state’s economic output and pay more than $1 billion a year in state and local taxes, the Fiscal Policy Institute research said.

The director of the Institute’s Immigration Research Initiative said that if undocumented immigrants were allowed to work legally, the state would stand to gain another $247 million in taxes a year:

‘That’s partly because they would have better jobs,’ he said, ‘and it’s partly because now, the estimate is about half of all undocumented immigrants are filing income tax returns. If they had legal status, all of them would file.’

These hardworking undocumented immigrants would be glad to see how Trump’s contributions match up to theirs—that is, if he would just voluntarily release his tax returns.”

Here is the link to the Daily KOS.