May 15, 2008. A new report from the Center for Economic and Policy Research analyzes Current Population Survey data from the Census Bureau and finds that workers represented by a union have higher wages, especially at the low end of the scale. Press release with New York specific data >>

“Too often, people think there’s not much we can do to reverse polarization in our economy. Here’s clear evidence that unionization helps: it raises wages for all workers, and it raises them especially among lower-wage workers.”
– David Dyssegaard Kallick, FPI Senior Fellow

“Today’s release of a report by CEPR is the latest evidence of how unions are lifting low-wage workers out of poverty and into the middle class. In just the last month, hundreds of security officers in our nation’s capital won a 30 percent wage hike and mall cleaners won even higher raises through their first ever union contracts. These same contracts provide crucial health benefits to workers who earn too much to qualify for public health programs but not enough to afford it themselves.”
– Mike Fishman, President, Local 32BJ