How to insure the uninsured

January 29, 2007. An op ed by David Dyssegaard Kallick. Crains.

Like hospitals, insurance system is also in crisis

January 29, 2007. An op ed by David Dyssegaard Kallick. Buffalo News.

New York State Workers’ Compensation: How Big Is the Coverage Shortfall?

January 25, 2007.  (Includes addendum of February 5, 2007.) Between 500,000 and a million New York workers who should have workers’ compensation coverage do not, and the system’s revenues are $500 million to $1 billion lower than they should be. Fragmented responsibility for enforcement has allowed employers to provide unemployment insurance but not workers’ compensation coverage to some workers; in other cases employers misclassify employees as consultants to keep them out of both systems. Report >>

State needs to address the upstate tax burden

January 25, 2007. An op ed by James Parrott. Albany Times Union.

The Fiscal Impact of House 100 Hours Agenda

January 23, 2007.  The combined fiscal impact of the six “100 hours” bills (which implement 9/11 Commission recommendations, close energy tax loopholes and more) is significant: the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has estimated $21.1 billion in savings and revenue over the next ten years if the bills are signed into law. OMB Watch breaks it down by bill.

New York’s 2005-2007 minimum wage increases: Good for the state’s workers, good for the economy

January 22, 2007. New York businesses, and workers, are thriving with the higher minimum wage. Minimum wage increases in New York have defied predictions that they would hurt the very low-wage workers they were designed to help. In fact, while benefiting many New Yorkers, they have not led to shrinking employment in low-wage businesses. Based on this evidence, New York’s minimum wage should be raised again (to the point that a full time worker could keep a family of three out of poverty) and then indexed to the cost of living. Press release >> Fiscal Policy Note$ >>

How to Reduce the Pressure on the Property Tax and Ease the Fiscal Burden on Struggling Local Governments

January 10, 2007. The four-part plan supported by FPI: implement a statewide solution to CFE; increase state’s share of Medicaid and base counties’ shares on ability to pay; restore commitment to revenue sharing; and eliminate the significant disparities in the STAR program. Prepared for the Center on Governmental Research conference on reforming property taxes in New York.

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