New York State’s Economic and Fiscal Outlook for 2012-2013

January 31, 2012. The Fiscal Policy Institute’s 22nd annual budget briefing. Briefing book >>

National tax expert calls for closing New York State Tax loopholes

January 31, 2012. Lawmakers, tax experts and advocates gathered to urge that corporate tax loopholes be closed, pointing to a recent report from Citizens for Tax Justice and the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, Corporate Tax Dodging In the 50 States, 2008-2010, which reveals glaring inequities in the way that businesses are taxed (or not taxed). Working from the principles of enforcement, fairness, and transparency, the their taxes, reforming the state’s Corporate Alternate Minimum Tax, taxing nonresident hedge fund management fees, eliminating New York City’s carried interest exemption, cracking down on schemes that create “nowhere income,” and requiring public disclosure of corporate tax payments for publicly-traded companies. Press release>> and full report>>

Raising New York’s minimum wage will boost the state economy

January 30, 2012. The change would directly benefit about one in six of New York workers – that is, 1.6 million low-wage workers – and their families. Most (90 percent) of these low-wage workers are adults and a greater share are women, black or Hispanic than for New York workers overall. The minimum wage in New York is low by historical standards – at one time it could keep a family of three out of poverty – and in comparison to other states. Moreover, the increased purchasing power of low-wage workers will pump much-needed demand into local businesses and communities and will create roughly 25,000 new jobs in New York State over three years. Release >> and full report >>

What Makes You American?

January 21, 2012, Centereach. A symposium on immigration on Long Island. Participants learned the facts about immigration on Long Island and how to take action. Immigrants’ contributions to the economy, reasons for migration, impact of immigration laws, and the human side of immigration. Speakers included: David Dyssegaard Kallick of FPI, Pat Young (CARECEN), Sergio Argueta (Adelphi University), and Yanira Chacón-López (Casa Mary at St. Brigid’s Parish). Organized by the Witness For Peace 2011 Long Island Delegation.

Sizing up the Governor’s Proposed 2012-2013 Executive Budget in its Economic Context

January 19, 2012. A briefing document by James A. Parrott, Ph.D., Deputy Director and Chief Economist, Fiscal Policy Institute.

New York’s Leaders Join the Quest for Tax Fairness

January 12, 2012. Governor Cuomo emphasizes the need to close loopholes. This column by Frank Mauro  – excerpt below – was published by 99% New York.

Delivering on this objective will require an unbiased review of the litany of tax breaks that have enacted over the years in the name of economic development. Which ones actually create jobs and which ones do not? Which ones should be retained intact, which ones should be repealed, and which ones should be reformed? A year of careful study makes sense for a fundamental restructuring of the tax code but the most egregious loopholes, that stick out like sore thumbs, should be closed now and not a year from now.

Coalition calls on Governor and Legislature to close corporate tax loopholes and level the playing field for small business

January 9, 2012. A coalition of community, labor, student, faith and Occupy organizations gathered to release a list of corporate tax dodgers and to announce their campaign to bring fairness and transparency to New York’s corporate tax system. The group, which formed last year to work on the “millionaires tax” and personal income tax reform, is calling on Governor Cuomo and the Legislature to close corporate tax loopholes, thereby raising over one billion dollars for this year’s state budget. The additional revenue will help New York to create jobs, create a fairer environment for small business, and prevent devastating budget cuts. Release>>

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