February 19, 2019. This article discusses the rally where advocates, the New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer, and the Fiscal Policy Institute came together to show support for a bill that would all undocumented immigrants access to driver’s licenses if passed. The author highlights that there is a possibility that the bill will pass since the whole government is now controlled by Democrats.

Advocates opened a new push Friday to get drivers’ licenses for illegal immigrants now that the entire state government is controlled by Democrats.

Comptroller Scott Stringer, immigrant advocate groups and the nonprofit Fiscal Policy Institute rallied in Lower Manhattan to support a bill first introduced in 2017 by Assemblyman Francisco Moya (D-Queens) authorizing the licenses, saying the government would also benefit.

Stringer and FPI officials cited reports issued two years earlier estimating the state would rack up a lump sum of $9.6 million through additional driver’s license fees while auto sales would increase by 2.7 percent. The state’s coffers would also be boosted annually through registration and other fees.

Here is the link to the New York Post.