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December Media

FPI is part of the story statewide and nationally. Dominican Today 12/24/2020, FPI cited in "Dominicans in New York are confident in the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine" State of Politics 12/21/2020, FPI cited in "Who Wants to Tax the Rich? These Assembly Lawmakers" Daily News 12/22/2020, FPI cited in "Fiscal watchdogs want transparency from N.Y. over withheld funds" Daily News 12/21/2020, link to FPI provided in "Down to brass tax: Gov. Cuomo is right in a fiscal standoff with the state Assembly speaker" Press-Republication [...]

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November Media

Round-up of November media. State of Politics 11/25: FPI report quoted and a link provided to the FPI's new brief "The Pandemic Recession: Hitting Immigrants and People of Color Hardest." in  the article “Pandemic Has Hit Immigrants, People of Color Hardest, Report Finds”  Capital Tonight 11/25: Interview with David Dyssegaard Kallick, FPI’s Deputy Director and Director of Immigration Research on the new brief "The Pandemic Recession: Hitting Immigrants and People of Color Hardest." Watch the interview.  Explica 11/24: FPI quoted and data from “The Pandemic Recession: [...]

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October Media

FPI is your go-to resource for messaging on the issues affecting New Yorkers across the state. nation.lk 10/24 opinion piece links to 2016 joint FPI & Center for American Progress report “Refugee Integration in the United States” in “Refugees like my ancestors are part of what made America Great” Gotham Gazette 10/20 FPI’s chief economist Jonas Shaende quoted on NYC COVID expenses in “New York City COVID Spending Tops $4 Billion, Virtually All Covered by Federal Funds” The City 10/14 FPI May report cited in [...]

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September Media

FPI continues to drive discussion statewide on our state budget, pandemic recovery, and inequality. Daily News 9/29 FPI data on tax payments from undocumented workers cited in the opinion piece "Donald Trump’s tax bill, and mine: A DACA recipient reflects on who pays what in America"     WRVO 9/28 FPI's Ron Deutsch quoted urging wealth taxes in "As NY budget crisis looms, Democrats seek alternatives"   OneNewsPage.com 9/25 News site carried the Gothamist article quoting FPI's chief economist Jonas Shaende "Will Rich New Yorkers Really [...]

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New Poll Shows Overwhelming Majority of New Yorkers Support More Equitable Taxation to Raise State Revenue

September 1, 2020 Nine in Ten New Yorkers Support Increased Taxes on Incomes of $1 million and Above; Overwhelming Majority Oppose Cuts to Social Services to Address Budget Gap New York - As New York State faces a dire budget crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic, new polling conducted by a coalition of unions shows an overwhelming majority of New Yorkers continue to support increased taxes on the wealthy to close the deficit, rather than drastic cuts to education, healthcare and transportation and other social [...]

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Buffalo Economist Fred Floss: “We are in an Impossible Situation”

August 19, 2020. Professor Fred Floss, a Senior Fellow at the Fiscal Policy Institute, Chair of the Department of Economics and Finance at Buffalo State and a member of Buffalo’s Fiscal Control Board, discussed Buffalo's fiscal situation with Capital Tonight host Susan Arbetter. "According to a new study published in the September edition of the National Tax Journal, cities in upstate New York, Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse, are the most financially distressed cities in the nation. One reason why, according to Floss, is that all three rely [...]

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NY Pied-À-Terre Tax Bill Amended To Address Co-Op Issues

August 19, 2020. Spectrum News With New York continuing to face a staggering revenue shortfall, an updated pied-à-terre tax proposal sponsored by Assemblymember Deborah Glick and Senator Brad Hoylman is receiving renewed interest. "Jonas Shaende, chief economist at the Fiscal Policy Institute, told Law360 that one of the reasonable criticisms made last year about the bill was its application of market valuation to co-ops that never had that valuation method applied to them before. He said the changes account for that by applying the valuation [...]

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Group Calls For NY ‘Mark-To-Market’ Tax To Raise $5.5B

August 12, 2020 "New York should pass a so-called mark-to-market tax bill to raise $5.5 billion annually and help the state during its post-pandemic recovery, a report by the left-leaning Fiscal Policy Institute said Wednesday. The labor-backed policy group endorsed the mark-to-market tax proposal as New York faces a $14 billion revenue shortfall and estimated 20% cuts to education, hospitals, local governments and nonprofits. While state Democratic lawmakers and Gov. Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, have been pushing federal lawmakers to provide aid to states to help fill [...]

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Mr. Trump, suburbia needs solutions, not tweets

August 8, 2020. Editorial by LIHerald.com appears in full below: "President Trump claimed last week that he is protecting suburbanites from low-income housing projects, tweeting on July 29: "I am happy to inform all of the people living their Suburban Lifestyle Dream that you will no longer be bothered or financially hurt by having low income housing built in your neighborhood . . .” Clearly, Trump is out of touch with suburban America. In Nassau County, no new low-income housing has been built for decades. [...]

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The Politics of Hiking Taxes on the Rich During the Pandemic

August 6, 2020 - Spectrum News New York State faces cuts to public programs and services due to this year's unprecedented revenue shortfall. While awaiting needed federal action, advocates call for raising state revenue. The sweeping cuts threatened by Governor Cuomo would devastate the very people hit hardest by the pandemic and its economic fallout. The state must get the economic engine of New York running while awaiting essential federal funding," said Ron Deutsch, the executive director of the Fiscal Policy Institute."That means supporting, rather [...]

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Legislators Pledge “No Cuts Without Revenue Raisers”

June 24 - Media round-up on legislators pledge. As part of FPI's efforts this year with our statewide revenue working group, we brought state legislators, union, and advocates together for two successful events in June – a legislative discussion state tax reform action that could be accomplished while we are waiting for federal assistance and a press conference unveiling a statement of principles signed by 100 state legislators along with unions and economic advocacy organizations, where they pledged to reject state budget cuts and instead [...]

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What to expect in the state’s first round of spending cuts

May 11, 2020. With COVID-19 changing the economy overnight, the state braces for projected cuts to essential services including chopping funding for local governments, Medicaid, and education. Governor Cuomo began the legislative session warning of a budget gap and the need for cuts. Now, as we wait for the latest federal stimulus, the first round of state cuts is expected to be announced soon. Ron Deutsch, executive director at the labor-backed Fiscal Policy Institute, warned against further cuts to state agencies, since funding to those [...]

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As Cuomo’s billionaire panel seeks to ‘re-imagine’ NY, critics flag concerns

May 11, 2020. Newsday The article covers reactions to Governor Cuomo's plan to enlist billionaire philanthropists to “re-imagine” New York’s economy, health care system, mass transit and education as the state looks to recover from the  COVID-19 pandemic. Ron Deutsch of the labor-backed Fiscal Policy Institute said Cuomo's panel is "not only tone-deaf, it's dangerous … What we really need from New York’s billionaires is for them to pay their fair share in taxes to ensure we don’t have to make draconian cuts to services people desperately [...]

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An Heiress asks New York to Tax the Rich

March 13, 2020. An op-ed by Abigail Disney urges New York toward tax reform by ensuring everyone pays their fair share to support our state.  The opinion piece supports "a letter asking Gov. Andrew Cuomo and our state Legislature to raise the tax rates for very wealthy New Yorkers. I and my co-signers support an ultra-millionaires tax that asks those making $5 million, $10 million and $100 million a year to pay a little more in income taxes. We also support a tax on wealth [...]

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Tax Justice NY and the Unequal State of NY in the News

December 10, 2019 Heading toward New York State's 2020 legislative session, with concern rising over a projected budget deficit and the needs of residents, FPI held an event exploring the issue and released a report that revealing that our state leads the nation as having the most unequal distribution of income. Not since the so called “gilded age” of the 1920’s has there been such a vast divide between the highest- and lowest-income New Yorkers. The report finds that the top 1% of all New [...]

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