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Why older Americans with student loan debt might want to consider refinancing

When people hear the phrase "student loan debt" they usually picture young adults. However, more and more older adults carry education debt which can impact their financial security and inter in their ability to afford essential expenses, especially in their retirement years. Unfortunately, according to recent research from the Fiscal Policy Institute, Americans aged 60 and up are actually the fastest-growing age segment within the student loan market. In just the past decade, the number of adults 60 and over who have student loan debt [...]

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One Year Into Pandemic, Thousands Of Excluded Workers Are Still Begging For Relief

This Gothamist article tells the personal story of an excluded worker and the on-going efforts in New York State to create an excluded worker fund. Excluded workers are those who have lost work due to COVID, but have been excluded from any federal or state relief (federal stimulus or state unemployment due to their immigration status or recent incarceration. “The need is urgent,” said David Dyssegaard Kallick, director of the Fiscal Policy Institute’s Immigration Research Initiative. “Unemployment insurance has been a lifesaver to so many [...]

Report Finds $3.5B Needed for Aiding Excluded Workers During Pandemic

The New York State Senate and Assembly both supported creating a fund to provide unemployment insurance to workers who are excluded from the unemployment insurance system, primarily undocumented immigrants and people leaving incarceration during the Covid-19 pandemic. Both houses included $2.1 billion in their one-house budgets. The report shows that while $2.1 billion is an impressive signal from the legislature, $3.5 billion is the amount that is needed to match the minimum benefits other workers receive and to continue that aid through the end of [...]

New York lawmakers propose tax increases on the rich. Here’s who would pay up

The New York State Senate passed its one-house budget resolution which includes raising the tax rate on those earning over $1 million a year. The Assembly supports this tax reform as well. "Big challenges require bold action and demand a combination of transformative vision and concrete commonsense response," said Jonas Shaende, chief economist for the Fiscal Policy Institute, a liberal think tank in Albany.  "The Legislature’s proposals show their willingness to consider a broad array of measures to ensure New Yorkers’ health and well-being." Read the Gannett article which appears in lohud and [...]

Tax opponents wonder if they still can count on Gov. Cuomo

As the state budget process progresses, both houses released their one-house budget proposals which include increased taxes for top earners and corporations. Critics contend these tax reforms are not needed due to federal aid. Advocates point out the long-standing need for tax reform to set the state on the right course. "The legislature’s proposals recognize the need for support to ensure all New Yorkers can live, work, access health care, and receive a sound education," the labor-backed Fiscal Policy Institute said. Read the Newsday article [...]

Denied COVID economic relief, N.Y.-based immigrant and excluded workers plan hunger strike

Advocacy organizations and state lawmakers have been urging the state to create a COVID relief fund for undocumented workers and others excluded from federal aid since the start of the pandemic. The majority, 54%, of New York City residents working in essential jobs during the pandemic are immigrants, according to the Fiscal Policy Institute. Read: "Denied COVID economic relief, N.Y.-based immigrant and excluded workers plan hunger strike" NY Daily News

Economists Push Biden On Path To Citizenship For Undocumented Immigrants

FPI joined a letter from economists urging the Biden Administration this week to include a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants in upcoming legislation. The letter highlighted that such an action would benefit the nation as a whole. Benefits would include increasing jobs, productivity, boost wages, and tax revenue. The group of more than 60 signatories includes former Obama economic advisor Jason Furman, Eileen Appelbaum of the Center for Economic and Policy Research and David Kallick of the Fiscal Policy Institute. Read the Forbes article [...]

Biden Urged to Legalize Migrants as Part of Infrastructure Plan

FPI joined with more than 60 economists to urge President Biden to create a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants in the soon-to-be-released economic and infrastructure plan. Such an action not only benefits those individuals, but the experts also explain that this action would help our economy by raising wages and increasing productivity and tax revenue. The economists, including President Barack Obama’s former top economist Jason Furman and David Kallick of the Fiscal Policy Institute, which champions liberal economic policies, made the proposal in a [...]

Long Island’s Immigrants are Integral for its Economic Recovery

County Executive Steve Bellone's editorial in the Long Island Press pointed out the contributions that immigrants make to the area, including the boost they provide to the economy. The Long Island immigrant community is a vital part of our workforce and economy as a whole, with more than half working in white-collar jobs as of 2015. Immigrants make up 18 percent of the combined population of Nassau and Suffolk counties, generating 20 percent of total economic output, according to the Fiscal Policy Institute. Learn more [...]

December Media

FPI is part of the story statewide and nationally. Dominican Today 12/24/2020, FPI cited in "Dominicans in New York are confident in the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine" State of Politics 12/21/2020, FPI cited in "Who Wants to Tax the Rich? These Assembly Lawmakers" Daily News 12/22/2020, FPI cited in "Fiscal watchdogs want transparency from N.Y. over withheld funds" Daily News 12/21/2020, link to FPI provided in "Down to brass tax: Gov. Cuomo is right in a fiscal standoff with the state Assembly speaker" Press-Republication [...]

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November Media

Round-up of November media. State of Politics 11/25: FPI report quoted and a link provided to the FPI's new brief "The Pandemic Recession: Hitting Immigrants and People of Color Hardest." in  the article “Pandemic Has Hit Immigrants, People of Color Hardest, Report Finds”  Capital Tonight 11/25: Interview with David Dyssegaard Kallick, FPI’s Deputy Director and Director of Immigration Research on the new brief "The Pandemic Recession: Hitting Immigrants and People of Color Hardest." Watch the interview.  Explica 11/24: FPI quoted and data from “The Pandemic Recession: [...]

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October Media

FPI is your go-to resource for messaging on the issues affecting New Yorkers across the state. nation.lk 10/24 opinion piece links to 2016 joint FPI & Center for American Progress report “Refugee Integration in the United States” in “Refugees like my ancestors are part of what made America Great” Gotham Gazette 10/20 FPI’s chief economist Jonas Shaende quoted on NYC COVID expenses in “New York City COVID Spending Tops $4 Billion, Virtually All Covered by Federal Funds” The City 10/14 FPI May report cited in [...]

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September Media

FPI continues to drive discussion statewide on our state budget, pandemic recovery, and inequality. Daily News 9/29 FPI data on tax payments from undocumented workers cited in the opinion piece "Donald Trump’s tax bill, and mine: A DACA recipient reflects on who pays what in America"   WRVO 9/28 FPI's Ron Deutsch quoted urging wealth taxes in "As NY budget crisis looms, Democrats seek alternatives"   OneNewsPage.com 9/25 News site carried the Gothamist article quoting FPI's chief economist Jonas Shaende "Will Rich New Yorkers Really Flee [...]

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New Poll Shows Overwhelming Majority of New Yorkers Support More Equitable Taxation to Raise State Revenue

September 1, 2020 Nine in Ten New Yorkers Support Increased Taxes on Incomes of $1 million and Above; Overwhelming Majority Oppose Cuts to Social Services to Address Budget Gap New York - As New York State faces a dire budget crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic, new polling conducted by a coalition of unions shows an overwhelming majority of New Yorkers continue to support increased taxes on the wealthy to close the deficit, rather than drastic cuts to education, healthcare and transportation and other social [...]

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Buffalo Economist Fred Floss: “We are in an Impossible Situation”

August 19, 2020. Professor Fred Floss, a Senior Fellow at the Fiscal Policy Institute, Chair of the Department of Economics and Finance at Buffalo State and a member of Buffalo’s Fiscal Control Board, discussed Buffalo's fiscal situation with Capital Tonight host Susan Arbetter. "According to a new study published in the September edition of the National Tax Journal, cities in upstate New York, Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse, are the most financially distressed cities in the nation. One reason why, according to Floss, is that all three rely [...]

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