October 11, 2017. In an article discussing the Trump administration’s decision to cut the number of refugee admissions in half, David Dyssegaard Kallick, FPI’s Deputy Director and Director of Immigration Research was quoted. Although the cap is not expected to greatly effect New York City, it is expected to effect the economies of upstate cities across New York State where refugees fill jobs, buy homes, start businesses and help reverse population decline.

Though the refugee cap is not expected to have a strong effect on New York City, advocates said that the order could strongly impact New York State, especially upstate cities.

Upstate New York represents 90 percent of refugee resettlement in the state, said David Dyssegaard Kallick, Deputy Director of the Fiscal Policy Institute.

“Housing costs are lower there, and resettlement agencies have track records of placing refugees in jobs upstate,” he explained.

Kallick said the influx of refugees helped rebuild major upstate cities like Buffalo, Syracuse and Albany, all of which suffered severe population decline over last generation.

Here is the link to The Bronx Free Press.