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Property tax relief and reform

December 12, 2011, Hurleyville. Sullivan County’s Senior Legislative Action Committee (SLAC) hosted a forum on December 12. Speakers included Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther, county Treasurer Ira Cohen and Frank Mauro of the Fiscal Policy Institute. The forum was moderated by newly elected Sullivan County Legislator Cora Edwards. Articles about this event include "SLAC Sponsored Tax Forum Draws Large Crowd" (Catskill Chronicle, December 13) and "Progressive versus regressive and tax exempts; New York State tax policy discussed" (The River Reporter, December 14). Additional photos from this event [...]

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Advocating Across Borders: Immigrants, Businesses & the Economy

November 17, 2011, Central Islip. A discussion about how immigrants affect the Long Island economy, public policy issues, and how businesses can advocate for the rights of immigrants and deal with immigration regulations. Featured speakers: Patrick Young, Esq. (Central American Refugee Center), David Dyssegaard Kallick (FPI), and Eric Horn, Esq. Co-sponsored by the New York Civil Liberties Union of Suffolk and Nassau Counties, Long Island Wins, Central American Refugee Center, Fiscal Policy Institute, American Immigration Lawyers Association.

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The Growing Divide, the Roots of Economic Insecurity, and the Movement for Economic Fairness

October 30, 2011, Brooklyn.  A public workshop sponsored by United for a Fair Economy. Information on the Great Recession, trends in the distribution of income and wealth, the impact of trickle-down policies, and ways to protect vital public assets were presented in a participatory way that drew on participants' experience.

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A Call to Action: Defend the Social Safety Net

October 25, 2011, Manhattan. An evening of information, discussion and action, sponsored by the Social Safety Net Working Group of the Professional Staff Congress. Keynote speaker Dean Baker of the Center for Economic Policy Research, with Frances Fox Piven (CUNY), Kim Phillips-Fein (NYU) and FPI's James Parrott. More information.

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Long Term Liability Forum

October 25, 2011, Manhattan. A discussion of New York City's long term liabilities and pension costs sponsored by the Fund for Public Advocacy, in partnership with the Office of the New York City Public Advocate and NYU Wagner School of Public Service, with support from The New York Community Trust. Keynote address by Dick Ravitch and panel discussion by Mike Musuraca, Dan Smith of NYU and FPI's James Parrott, moderated by Michael Powell of the New York Times.

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MinKwon Center for Community Action Annual Gala

October 20, 2011, Queens. On behalf of FPI, James Parrott accepted the Standing Up for Justice Award from the MinKwon Center for Community Action, an advocacy and organizing group working such issues as immigrant rights, fair budgets, housing justice, voter registration and youth empowerment, in order to meet the needs and concerns of the Korean American Community. The award was presented by Chung-Wha Hong, a board member of the MinKwon Center and executive director of the New York Immigration Coalition.

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Defending Public Higher Education

October 7, 2011, Manhattan. A conference organized by the CUNY Graduate Center to explore what is happening to public higher education across the country and why - the challenges and opportunities that CUNY currently faces - and what individual faculty, staff and students can do to support quality education for all. FPI's Frank Mauro and Barbara Bowen of the Professional Staff Congress spoke on Austerity and Its Consequence: Public Higher Education in New York City and New York State. Listen to the presentation and the [...]

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Building the Future of New York State Transit Manufacturing: A Leadership Discussion

September 27, 2011, Manhattan. Sponsored by the national Blue Green Alliance, major transportation unions, the Fiscal Policy Institute and good jobs and transportation equity organizations. With the American political dialogue increasingly focused on jobs, this conference was organized to plan concrete steps to revitalizing the State's transit manufacturing industry. FPI's James Parrott moderated an afternoon panel, "Financing the Future," and co-authored the white paper, Building New York's Future: Creating Jobs and Business Opportunities Through Mass Transit Investments, that was released at the conference. More about [...]

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Immigrants and the Economy

September 26, 2011, Pleasantville. A conference sponsored by Neighbors Link Network. FPI's David Dyssegaard Kallick was invited to make a presentation to network board members and board members and key staff of two Neighbors Link affiliates (Mount Kisco and Stamford, CT) as well as volunteers and community leaders. The presentation provided an overview of national and local data and trends; issues addressed included the economic contribution of immigrants to the New York City suburbs, potential wage impacts on U.S.-born workers, and taxes paid by and [...]

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Archived events and presentations

March 30, 2011, New York. A forum sponsored by the Community Service Society of New York and The New York Immigration Coalition. Important new research findings about housing conditions experienced by immigrant New Yorkers were presented, along with a new policy brief, Housing the City of Immigrants. FPI's David Dyssegaard Kallick was a discussant, along with Chung-Wha Hong (The New York Immigration Coalition), Seema Agnani (Chhaya Community Development Corporation), and Andr's Mares Muro (Mirabel Sisters Cultural and Community Center). March 24, 2011, New Paltz. Financing [...]

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